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Damn !!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

psi on u

15+ Year Contributor
Feb 15, 2004
galloway, Ohio
:cry: DAMN this stupid car i just dont know what to do. I just dont and i want some feedback , ive sunk almost 3 g in this damn car and its broke again and whatever it is (worst case sceniro it needs valves) i havent pulled it apart yet. I mean im thinking about just getting rid of it and cutting my losses now and just moveing on but when i do i just know im goin to miss the car.UGH im at a loss i also wonder if i should not give up and keep trugging on since ive come this far but .... i dont know. I do know that if i do rebuild it again it wont be as bad as before since it was only 3 weeks ago that i did it !!!! So gimme some feedback and help me deleberate , ive already got it in the classifieds but i just dont know that im ready to get rid of this pos that i love to hate ..:cry: :cry: :mad: :mad: :( :(
I've put in about 6K in repairs on my car, trust me it EVENTUALLY does start running right consistantly...chances are you've got a car that got beaten to death before you got it.

Here's my list of repairs:
- Clutch (3 different times, the last 2 times covered under warranty, 1st the pressure plate didn't engage properly, 2nd the shop messed it up fixing a ball joint, don't ask how that happened)
- AWD Alignment
- 4 new tires
- Oil Changes because of repairs (3) full synthetic
- 16 new lifters
- Master Cylinder
- Slave Cylinder
- Transfercase Seal
- 2 Front CV Axles
- Lower right lateral ball joint
- Oil feed line to turbo
- New Timing Belt
- New Driveshaft Belt
- New headgasket
- 4 New Brakes
- 2 New Rotors
- 2 Rotated Rotors
- 4 New Shocks

Most of my cars problems are suspension, thanks to the moron before me doing 7K launches...damn honda boys.
Originally posted by NOSLO2PT0
What is a driveshaft belt???

Hehe, I think he's talking about the crankshaft driven belts?

Yeah, it SUCKS sinking money into a car for repairs and not mods. I TOTALLY sympathize with you there.
I'd go for fixin it and keepin it, I've only had my eclipse gs-t for like a few weeks and I LOVE it. I know how it goes though with fixing cars, I gave up on my last car, I had a 1990 Nissan 240sx, it was my first car, it was a present from the parents, I had planned to keep it for like a year or somethin then sell it and buy somethin faster, such as an eclipse or talon, well I had it from xmas of 2002, but got my license in april of 2003 so it was only driven every once in a while til then, so up until a few weeks ago I drove it every day, well I think I was fixin the damn thing every couple weeks, it was in perfect condition when we bought it, even had it checked, it only had 90k miles too....we have put oh couple thousand into fixin the car, not a dime was for performance or anything, only thing I did was tinted the windows, before I got my license. I know how it is to give up, I did, head gasket is blown and once that's fixed I'm sellin that damn thing, then that money will go towards payin off the eclipse. But I definately think u should keep workin on ur car, its diff, with this eclipse if I have to fix it I"ll fix it til the damn thing is content, the turbo and just everything about the car make it worth it the 240 only thing it had goin was RWD LOL, but thats it, eclipses and talons are fast, fun to drive, and look tight! keep ur head up, adn good luck with the car!
What else would you expect from a car that is 13 years old:confused:
It's natural wear and tear. Eventually it will all even out for you.
I have a '90 TSI AWD from HELL!!!!! I paid 1200 from a kid whos father was a mechanic. I was told there were new pistons and valves put in (timing belt). Great! Not exactly! Idle was a little rough so I started getting into it and found the timing advaced to the max. Why you ask? Because the #2 and 3 cylinder walls were destroyed! The block was trashed. I found pieces of the old piston still in the oil pan! So what was going to be just a light tune-up turned out to be an overhaul. Oh and the transmission was a little trashed! (2nd Gear) So after the usual 2 engines to make one I wound up with 90 psi a cylinder, HAHAHAHA! I honed the cylinders myself and thought that I might have done it too aggressively, resulting in damaging the new rings, didn't happen though. So engine block #3 I go to a machine shop, and have them do the honing and polish the crank and check the rings. Nothing can go wrong, HA! Put it together and now I have 85 psi! I can't win! So here I am now, looking to do a leak down test and probably changing out the head. Its the only part I havn't replaced other than the transfer case (Knock on Wood). Any thoughts as to why such low compression would be appreciated! Oh and the marks are lined up!
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