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1g clutch problems please help!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Mar 21, 2009
ojai, California
ok heres my problem, i just put a brand new top of the line.....carquest..... clutch when i put my new rebuild back in my car 2 weeks ago, the car mods are 3" turbo back,2g manifold and o2 housing (ported), mbc at 15psi, lightly ported 14b turbo,its a 1g laser fwd

a friend drove it and did the infamous 6 grand slip the clutch slowly burnout in 1st+2nd gear :banghead:then brought it back at which point i could hear my car screaming at me for letting him drive her:cry:. and a week later i started to have clutch issues like it sliping in any gear other then 1st, i think it might be glazed but everything was brand new and the flywheel was resurfaced at the machine shop so i don't know if it could happen that fast, or mabe it doesn't want to hold the power?

the curve ball is i also have a oil leak that i think is coming from the oil filter housing with its vast aray a oil pressure sending units and allen bolts and such, and mabe oil pan but i just re-sealed it and it seems alittle better but it might just be in my head, my question is this...

is there a seal either on the output shaft that tends to leak on the clutches? or mabe a way that oil finds its way onto the clutch from where my leak is? or does the clutch glaze that fast and what i did makes enough power to where i need an upgraded clutch
You really should've went with a decent clutch. The Fidanza clutches have reasonable price tags and are pretty good. A parts store clutch is maybe, if you're lucky, as good as the stock one and that's it.

Make sure your clutch is adjusted properly by watching the proper clutch adjustment video on
thanks i'll try it and see if it helps, i talked to the guy at carquest when i was getting the clutch and chose the heaviest he had so i'm hoping it can hold it, so its most likely not any type of fluid geting onto the clutch then? should i rule that out and assume its glazed if this doesn't work?
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