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1996 Talon TSi Rebuild/Revival

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Proven Member
Oct 21, 2012
Fort Collins, Colorado
Hey everyone! Decided now is the time to make a build journal considering the current state of my car. As I update this, anyone reading please know.. I am an 18y/o full time college student. I am NOT as experience as some of you guys and don't know as much therefore any and ALL advice is appreciated along this journey. Also, I kinda suck with forums still so I will do my best to make this one easy to follow for those interested.

A few months ago, I was going through craigslist when I saw a 1996 Eagle Talon TSi for sale, only $1800. I immediately became interested since my DSM was a 1996 Eclipse RS is terrible condition. I contacted the seller and the car ran beautifully and only had 94,xxx miles on it but had some mildly severe cosmetic damages. Damages included: bumper covered in gross bondo splotches, wrinkled hood, rear quarter panel had rust on it, and the driver door didn't open from the outside. I figured I could swap some parts from my eclipse, so no worries! Also, it's an automatic. Granted I enjoy driving a stick more, an automatic seems almost better in theory to me due to not having to lose boost between shifts? Idunno, it doesn't bother me too much. I bought it the next day for $1500.


Almost immediately, I started swapping parts over from my eclipse such as the hood and bumper. It was in a front end collision so the radiator support was mildly bent making hood pins mandatory and apparently the last owner forgot to put them in and the hood flopped up ruining the hood :ohdamn:




The eclipse had a 2gb front end on it so I had to swap the headlights and everything.




Typical Colorado weather, started snowing as we were swapping over the wheels.



A couple Fort Collins DSM meet ups with some friends.




Driving down the road and a dog ran into the road, and the owner thought it would be an awesome idea to chase after it. The car in front of me pulled their e-brake so their brake lights didn't come on. I noticed about 200 feet away, slammed on my brakes feeling nothing so I instinctively pulled my e-brake. I slid sideways into the car.



That's where I'm at now. It seriously felt as though my brakes went out and even though I didn't feel like it was my fault, I got a careless driving ticket.
I wanted to combat this in court so I took it to a shop to have them check it out and they said that my booster, calipers, and pads needed replacing. Hmmm.
Anyways, I don't have full coverage so the car is sitting at my house waiting to get fixed. So far looks like all it needs cosmetically is a hood, bumper, headlights, radiator support. The radiator good bent nearly in half so that needs replacing and somehow the sidemount got squished too. Horrible timing for this to happen! :banghead:

So as it sits, the goal is to rebuild the front end and get it going again.
I would like some input if possible on the radiator support. Looks like I can just drill the welds out and weld a new one on in the same spot, am I correct?
Also instead of replacing the sidemount, I want to go ahead and get a FMIC. I was thinking the Punishment Racing FMIC, have any one of you guys had any experience with it?

My goals for the car is to rebuild it, then start upgrading it. I just want to have a fast, street ready and reliable DD. I will probably only do bolt on mods and not go into the internals.

Parts list:
14b/16g turbo (I want something small that will spool quickly)
punishment fmic
550cc or a bit bigger injectors
greddy rs bov (already have it)
arp head studs
walbro 190 or 255
better flowing exhaust manifold
injen or similar intake

input on those parts, good/bad?

I am hoping the car will be back on the road with new paint and lookin' good by August. :hellyeah:


Probationary Member
Mar 27, 2013
cornwall, ON_Canada
dude sweet car, i have a 96 tsi awd and the last owner wasent very honest.. so im kinda stuck with her now.. but good luck with her, good looking when shes all fixed!! hope to see updates soon!!!


Proven Member
Oct 21, 2012
Fort Collins, Colorado
Thanks man! Yeah this one was in pretty solid condition and was a steal, until I wrecked it. Should be a fun project though! Best of luck with yours as well!


Proven Member
Oct 21, 2012
Fort Collins, Colorado
Update: Tore the front end off of the car and found some pretty serious frame damage, so this car is shot. However it still has a perfectly running motor with only 96,xxx. Found a '95 Talon TSi AWD for $1000 with a seized engine and plan on doing a swap. Plus I really want an AWD 5-speed so this could be good. I also already have a brand new punishment FMIC, radiator, and intake waiting to be used so that could be a solid first step to the build. Will keep this updated as best I can!
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