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idle issue

  1. Gjallarhorn

    ECMlink 2G Car idles for a couple of seconds then shuts off

    Hello,So I finished putting my engine back together in my 96 2G and when I went to start the car it idles well but dies after a couple of seconds. It does not turn off immediately, it starts to bog down and shuts off.I'm trying to upload a video of the issue, but I am having trouble doing...
  2. Pasta_Ricer

    1G Zero Voltage at Idle Position Switch and Bad Idle

    Hi everyone!So, I have '91 Galant GTI-16V which I recently got and I've been battling some wiring and mechanical issues since I got it. One of my main problems is my weird idle which I'm in the process of fixing (cleaned the horribly dirty IAC stepper motor, cleaned the throttle body, adjusted...
  3. Rebecca_Kostya

    2G 95 Talon TSi awd - High idle when hot

    I’m a new member, first time poster here at DSMTuners. I have a 95 Talon TSi awd 5-speed with just under 100,000 miles on the Mitsubishi motor. I’m only the second owner, and have owned the car for three years. The first owner kept everything original, and so this car has had no modifications...
  4. Resolved 2G Changing idle as car warms

    My eclipse idles at about 1200rpm when first started before settling to about 900-1000rpm. While driving I noticed it was slowly going up every time I stopped and after about 30 minutes of driving it was up to 2200rpm. When I started it the next day it was back to 1000rpm.Does anyone have any...
  5. funds

    2G GST Idling Low & Smoking

    Hey guys!I just bought my first DSM about 2 months ago, and it’s been a nightmare lol. It’s a 1998 GST, and when I go to start it, it’ll idle fine for the first few minutes. It’ll idle around 1,000-1,200RPM at startup. After it warms up, the idle drops to ~500RPM, and it throws like a greyish...
  6. 1G Rough idle on cold startup, kinda disappear after driving 15 seconds

    Hello ya'll, kinda new to the DSM world but I learned so much lurking these couple months. I recently bought a 1G Mitsu eclipse, 100.000km (62.000 miles) in good shape, practically stock, GS (European trim, 150hp), LPG conversion kit installed and working.Everything is fine, the only issue I'm...
  7. King_polzel

    2G BISS screw broke

    Any good ideas of removing the biss screw broke when trying to tighten it 1g swap in a 2g I’m sure the biss screw is metal could be wrong also car has v2 ecu I believe it needs a tune I have most of the info on the build list for the motor Anyone who can tune it would be so helpful in anchorage...
  8. Justyn

    ECMlink Ecmlink and isc problem

    Hey guys, I've recently got my copy of ecmlink along with the ecu. I've read through all the instructions. I've set my 3" gm maf, my 580cc injectors. My original ecu I had before switching the car would idle high on first start up then as it warms up it would gradually come down and settle at...
  9. Turbodhi

    ECMlink Difficulties adjusting idle

    I'm having a hell of a time getting the iscposition and learnedidleadjust set correctly. I took it out and made sure it's clean, the throttle body was recently rebuilt, tps is adjusted properly as far as I can tell. This is my first attempt at "tuning" so I'm trying to go through the checklist...
  10. Jaren000

    1G Idling at 2450RPM

    This might be a little lengthy so I apologize in advance, but I want to give everything I know so far. I've been through about 20 idle threads by now but I just wanted to see what advice I might benefit from as well that wasn't already included in most threads.For starters, almost everything...
  11. 2G Trying to fix this idle issue

    Hey guys ive been trying to fix this idle issue. My car has been idling funny since ive gotten it. I took out the iac valve, cleaned it and it sort of fixed it for a little while although it still idled high. Now its back to how it was but even a bit worse. The idle is not consistent at all and...
  12. smbgsx

    2G idle surge/stumble on snap throttle/cruise&boost fine to 150mph

    1995 gsx fp2 cams 6-bolt magnus bottom end (compression test yesterday: All cylinders = 95psi first crank, 168-175psi after 5 cranks. throttle 100% open.) fp3052 turbo (garret gt3076 with different hotside) external wg with dump pipe coil on plug conversion (no ignition box) front mount id1700's...
  13. 420A High idle and squealing belt when first started? Help.

    Hey guys,So I’ve been dealing with this issue for a long time! When I first start my car (97 spyder gs) it idles at like 1500-1800rpm and the belt squeals. Once the idle levels out to 700-1000, the belt stops squealing. But, if I don’t get the idle to even out before I drive away. The belt...
  14. 914 Cheeko

    GVR-4 IAC Valve removal problem

    So i was removing my shitty IAC valve that came with the engine from DSM and when i tried slowly pulling it out the whole thing split apart into 3 sections (so far.) The first pic is how it came out once I unscrewed it. The second is what was stuck at first, but slid off. Now I'm stuck with the...
  15. Eagle4g63t

    2G 95 eagle talon. Need help pls

    Just bought a 95 eagle talon tsi awd (4g63t) and it has a problem with the oil pressure on stock gauge. It will climb to the top cold and when it’s warm it will drop to the middle of the gauge. But when I drive it while it’s warm it will climb back up again. I changed the oil to 10w30 and...
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