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  1. 6Bolt Wiseco 9:1 pistons. 85.0mm(standard) BRAND NEW.

    For sale 4G63 6Bolt Wiseco 9:1 pistons. 85.0mm(standard) BRAND NEW.

    Been saving up for a bit for a complete engine rebuild and miss clicked and ordered 85.0 instead of 85.5, didn't even think to check until it became time to throw it together, which was past the return date. :(All rings, wristpins, snap clips are included Rods not includedPlease help me get...
  2. Anfurnyy

    1G Clutch disengagement issues/ Recommended Clutch

    I know there's about 5 thousand posts about this but im kind of at my wits end and out of options and every post i read is pretty much all conflicting information. Ive read just about everything can find, and watched all the videos if Kurts (bastarddsm) explanations and recommendations, etc and...
  3. Anfurnyy

    1G 2nd & 3rd gear grind before and after rebuild

    Car is a 93 talon, manual ( confirmed to have 93+ trans) Ever since I got this car in 2020 2nd and 3rd have kind of "clunked"/"grinded" into gear.Last year I refreshed the trans, replacing all synchros (except 5th/reverse), new keys, springs, 1/2 and 3/4 shift forks, new bearings, cleaned out...
  4. '90 used gearset

    For sale 1g '90 used gearset

    Looking to get rid of a '90 gearset. I bought this thinking it was a 91.6-92 only found out recently it's not. Don't want to convert everything over to a '90 setup.I have no clue about the history of this gearset. For a reason I can't explain there was yellow paint all over the 3rd/4rd...
  5. Anfurnyy

    1G Early 91 3/4 hub slider in late 91+ Trans

    Ive picked up what i believe and was told is a Early 91 3/4 hub, slider, gears, shift fork (2 hole), input and intermediate shafts. Ive got a 93' w5m33 trans already in working condition but wanting to "upgrade" the 3/4 to postpone me buying a dogbox for a little while. From what i understand my...
  6. all black 4G63

    1G W5M33 synchro ring differences

    I have attempted to find this info without really getting a confident answer. However, I can only assume it is due to a supersession, but my part catalog does not show this.In the photos you will see two 5th gear assemblies next to each other. The one of the left came out of a 1993 GSX AWD...
  7. Anfurnyy

    1G Standalone ECU, Tach signal with COP kit.

    Car is a 93 (so 91+ ignition setup) I'm looking to move to a direct fire / sequential ignition setup using the Brewed Motorsports kit with their wiring harness. I am on a standalone Link G4+ ECU and will use ignition outputs 1-4 for direct fire.My question is if the PTU is deleted, how does...
  8. 1g CX Racing FMIC

    For sale 1g 1g CX Racing FMIC

    Looking to get rid of my CX Racing Front mount intercooler kit for 1g DSM.The kit has a few modifications so that it would fit with the factory turbo inlet. It has a Tial 50mm BOV Flange welded on, and the previous Bov port patched.It includes all intercooler EXCEPT the J pipe (which didn't...
    $250.00 to $320.00
  9. Anfurnyy

    1G Nylon Push lock Line heat protection

    Not really dsm specific but Im looking to run some Nylon pushlock for my wastegate and boost control however the line that runs from the turbo to the wastegate seems a little too close to the manifold. If anyone else is using these what are you guys using to protect the nylon tubing from the...
  10. Thing 1

    Street Build Thing 1

  11. 91lzer

    1G Blown trans?

    Last night I was pulling away from a stop when my car violently kicked out of gear. It happens every now and then so I didn’t think much of it. But when I put it into gear I had 6 neutrals and no reverse. My clutch feels normal and I can’t put it into gear without the clutch. When it is in gear...
  12. 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

  13. Anfurnyy

    1G Manual trans recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on rebuilding/fixing my trans.So my 93 trans has been having issues grinding into 2nd and 3rd and decided to pull it apart to check it out.It was "rebuilt" about 10 years ago by a local shop. Previous owner drove it for maybe 800 miles and then parked it due to...
  14. 91lzer

    1G running lean

    Last week I blocked off my FIAV and accidentally overheated my car.Since then my car has been misfiring randomly when warmed up. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does the only way to get it to stop is to shut the car off and start it again.I have also been running super rich...
  15. all black 4G63

    1G Vacuum line -AN size choices

    just trying to research necessary vacuum line sizes when using -AN fittings. I’m running two Tial waste gates and Tial BOV with JMF race intake, Omni MAP, FPR, brake booster, etc. I want to keep the aesthetics of the build so I want to go with -AN hose fittings and hose, but having sleepless...
  16. 91lzer

    Resolved Screeching noise after control arm replacement

    I just replaced my front right control arm on my fwd 1G and as soon as I took it out on the road there is this horrible screeching noise when going straight or left. Any suggestions as to what it could be?
  17. 91lzer

    Resolved O2 sensor help

    Hey, my 91 laser CEL came in for O2 sensor. I ordered an NTK one to find out that the connectors are different and it only has 4 wires instead of 5. I can’t find any 5 wire sensors. Is the one in my car OEM or aftermarket. And what is that thing on the connector? Looks like a chip of some sort...
  18. 91lzer

    1G Erratic idle and bad acceleration

    My 91 laser rst started to idle erratically when cold ( 1500-2300 rpm) and since it started doing that the car also accelerates fine to about 3500 rpm and then then the car gets very sluggish and feels like it’s holding back, it usually flies at 3500 rpm. I’m still building boost and my a/f...
  19. 91lzer

    Resolved Anyone know what this is and what it does?

    I found this wire disconnected and I’m not sure what it’s for.
  20. 91lzer

    Resolved 1G Where is my diagnostic port?

    My check engine light came on and I went to scan the codes but was unable to find the diagnostics port. It should be on the right side of the fuse box under the drivers side dash but it’s not there. I was poking around and couldn’t find this port anywhere.
  21. Anfurnyy

    1G Cheapest place to buy Feal coilovers?

    Any dealers that are able to get a good price on a set of Feal 441+ 1g AWD coilovers before I order right from them?
  22. all black 4G63

    1G 1G Mud Flaps

    I'm looking to purchase some 1G mud flaps if anyone has these rare diamonds available?Also, does anyone know the factory part numbers for these things? I guess I would prefer Talon, but beggars can't be choosers.
  23. Dejon 1g turbo intake and upper intercooler pipe

    For sale Dejon 1g turbo intake and upper intercooler pipe

    I’m changing up my intake so these are for sale from my 1g. I bought them out of nostalgia. Dejon turbo intake with HKS 200mm mushroom filter. It can be recirculated but I was using it for speed density with a HKS VPC so I added another filter. Dejon Upper Intercooler pipe. I didn’t like how it...
    $75.00 to $200.00
  24. 90 Plymouth Laser RS

    Street Build 90 Plymouth Laser RS

  25. 1993 Talon TSI

    1993 Talon TSI

  26. wundundun1999

    1G Dash harness information

    I have a 1991 eagle talon tsi fwd I purchased this year missing all of the interior wiring. I had found a chassis harness and instrument panel harness out of a 1992 non turbo and unfortunately the dash harness connectors seem to be different where it connects at the firewall, I have the...
  27. TommyCuzz

    E3 16g dyno results

    Just wanted to share my build for anyone looking for something similarE3 16g 9blade exhaust wheel Fp manifold JMFab o2 with 44mm tial dump 3in downpipe to vibrant muffler Vsrf 3.5in front mount 2g throttle body elbow Fp intake Speed density/ flex fuel Walbro 255 (not rewired) Fuel lab fpr at...
  28. Street Build .

  29. 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    Street Build 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

  30. Justyn

    WTB 91-92.5 oil filter housing

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm looking for a oil filter housing for my 1992 talon that has a 6 bolt motor. I have a spare but it looks like it's for a 7 bolt so it wont work. Let me know. Thanks.
  31. 92LaserMike

    My introduction.

    Hi guys My name is Mike and my darling 92' Laser Awd RS 4g63t. Like many others I'm not entirely new to Dsmtuners, just my first post (trying to get rid of that probationary status). I've already learned tons of valuable things off of this site alone, things I've never heard about, seen or...
  32. For Sale 1.3u tatrix cable 1.3m angle

    Ended up not needing this, going a different route. 150 shipped obo.NEW. Never used, Right Angle 1.8m Extension Cable.435 2three85627 text
  33. 1glife

    For Sale 91 talon awd

    im parting out a 91 talon awd has 78k OG miles the block is at the machine shop just need to pick it up but it will need to Assembled I have trans t case turbo setup downpipe and other stuff just pm me and we can make a deal BUYER PAYS SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES. Everything is available don’t...
  34. o0GuitarKid0o

    Resolved Lost 2nd & 4th; F4A33 Auto (kickdown band)

    sorry this is so long, dont be scared ive listed alot of stuff so you guys can help me!issue:free rev with overdrive on , off no issuesalright ive researched alot even replaced my pulse generators due to them being out of spec . this fixed some shifting issues but now i lost over drive it...
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