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Sport Compact Car

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jan 14, 2003
Ft. Myers, Florida
i just picked up the new issue of Sport Compact Car while i was at the grocery store for this one main reason, there is a white 2gb eclipse on the cover:D i saw it and couldnt believe my eyes. from what it says on the cover, the article is about 6 street sleepers. we just happen to be on of em. just thought id let you guys know so you can go pick it up. its the november 2k3 issue and its a white 2gb eclipse lined up next to a yellow corvette and the words midnight club are right under the two:dsm:
Yep that is a pretty good issue. See the Pinto in the very back page? I known him I know him :D He has another one with a v8 in it if I am not mistaken. Ugly ass car, but he put some brains into those cars.
yea in that respect it does kind of suck but just the fact that the magazines finally laid off the 240 for a little while and actually put something good about an eclipse in is awesome. and that green pinto in the back was ####in hilarious. i would shit myself when he beat me thoOMG :dsm:
i like the eclipse glory but they had that eclipse as a sleeper. it still had badging. if it said gsx i would probably stay away. also a 280 with a 350 with the air filter out the hood really isn't sleeper. i think they could have done better.
Eclipses are hardly "sleepers".

Put down the sport compact riceboy and try looking back a few years a little while for the true definition.

If someone managed to convert a Lancer EVO into a completely box stock looking Lancer, complete with headlights/rims/etc, maybe you can have a point.

A Dodge Colt hatchback 4G63 swap sleeper? Yes.

400 HP V8 Caprice Classic with hubcaps sleeper? yes.

2 Fast 2 Furious St. Louis Arch winged 2G's with big scowly front ends? Hardly, unless you're thinking that everyone thinks that all Eclipses are as dog slow as the base trim RS/GS trims.
a sleeper is a car that looks stock and is fast. In this case the GSX has no exterior mods (only rims) even the exhaust look stock. That is what a sleeper is its not just what kind of car it is how stock it looks
Ahh yes, as if the huge front mount doesn't give it away.
If he really wanted to look like a sleeper he could have gone a different route.

Either way, I did enjoyed reading about the car.

Look at any of the "Stock Appearing" cars from the shoot out this year. Some of them ran 11's with no FMIC at all. THAT is a sleeper.

If was going out to build the ultimate DSM sleeper, it would be a 1991 AWD, with the AWD body pieces removed and i would add the ugly ass Laser front bumper/no sideskirts/no spoiler look. I would even put the stock black steelies on it with no hubcaps. If you know your DSM trivia, you know the Laser wasnt available with AWD until the slight body redesign in 92. Most people wouldnt expect the car to be AWD. PLus the crappier it looks the better. The only problem then is actually getting people to race with out them thinking its a waste of their time. Can't forget to not have any visible gauges inside the car...gotta hide them too.
Originally posted by wishihadatalon
i am really pissed about that episode. a sleeper should be something you should find out about from experience not by a mag.
Yeah, their mighty circulation of fifty readers is going to blow our game, alright.

Or, not.

it says he ran a 13 with just a mbc? thats bullshit. with my mods i wouldnt even reach that, let alone just an mbc. maxed out i dont even think it could run that. i forget what the max hp is with all mods and still stock t25. anyway its cool to see dsm's and the swap in a mag.
Yeah man i live in LA and i came across that guy with the hyundai 4g63 swap it was tight and fast .....
Great like it hasn't been difficult enough trying to find 2g GSX over the last year + :cry:.

Note: When racing a corvette loose the passenger unless they're gonna do that Flintstone shuffle thang to make your car go faster :thumb:.
My car is absolutely a sleeper, as long as I can continue to get V8 morons and intake filter powered Hondas to try me, I consider my car a sleeper.
Originally posted by byondevl
there are a LOT of fast pintos.

youd be surprised

That's because the only Pintos still running are the ones that the owner has any investment of love in them.
Originally posted by wishihadatalon
also how many people think that a supra is a sleeper. not me

It's on just a bit of a different level sure when you see a supra you expect a fast car but you don't expect a 700 hp 6. (which is what it claims to be). To a Z06 or even a viper it would look like just some other meat on the road, but wammm 700 ponies in yo face biotch.
yea anyways....
yea i def agree with cadesigns on this one. any muscle car owner will underestimate any import cuz they think are cars are shitty little rice burners. even if they know bout supras they would never expect that sheer power:dsm:
yea 1st g b's are sleepers to me since you can hardly tell they are teh super fast turbos especially debadged..
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