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How does this setup sound...

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Aug 8, 2004
ellicott city, Maryland

With my recent DSM purchase...1990 GST

Looking at mods...this will be my daily driver. I also have a 2000 Corvette which is my weekend car. I want my DSM to be a monster daily driver. I know I'll have trouble at the track since its a FWD so im more concerned about from a roll.

Will this list be able to take my C5 from a roll. My c5 has about 330rwhp and ran a 12.3 with DRs. Like I said...with the FWD I know i'll have some problems at the track so from a roll can I take my vette?

Here what I planned:
Wiseco/Ross Pistons, 1g big rods, ss valves, ARP bolts, act2600, lsd, afc, gm maf, 20g(td05), tuning, shocks, springs, comp cams, cam gears, fmic, 550s, and other normal bolt on mods.

How would it fair against the C5?
Anything you would change or add

Thanks for the help!
Go with a 660cc injector for a 20G. 12.3 is a pretty quick time the gst once setup properly should be close to being able to hang with the C5. The 20G has gone really fast, well into the 11's but that on a really well setup car.
Oh and what was the trap speed on that 12.3 run? If you're running from a roll and that trap speed was under 110, I'd say you've got a pretty good chance that the GS-T will be faster. Go go bench racing! :p
Is the engine in your GST blown or are you just wanting to build an engine up, if the engine you have in it now has good compression and runs good now, I would suggest doing the rebuild only when needed, I think you will be pleased with what kind of milage you can get out of the 4g63t, our engines can take a beating, as for taking a c5, I don't know , I have beat a new mach1 in the 1/4 though, without Nos.
Yea...I've been thinking of getting bigger injectors.

Would the ross/wiseco pistons on my current setup also be able to handle NOS...what injectors to get for the 20g(td05) and NOS.

Already have the 3in thermal research + development, 3in downpipe + high flow cat

I dont have my slip in front of me from my 12.3 but when I ran a 12.98 before it was at im sure the 12.3 was def more then 110.

Well...the motor isnt blown but it has about 150k miles. I can see this motor going to 200k with small mods...but pushing 350-400...I'm not sure how long it would be able to hold i'm basically trying to do preventive maintenance so I dont have to worry about it when it happens.
personally I have seen properly setup fwd dsms walk all over mildly modded C5s at my local track. The engine internals you have planned are very good and very strong but not really needed. I would do a compression test and if that's good just bolt up the 20g. My gsx ( more drivetrain loss ) with a 16g would hang with C5s off a roll last year until the 110 mph mark ... then they would pull away a little. The was all bolt ons at 18 psi max on a stock sidemount.

Forged internals or not are your choice .. but as for the other mods I would do:

3" turbo back
act2600 clutch
650+ injectors
safc2 or dsmlink
hks bov
boost controller
drag radials
2g exhaust manifold

I have heard of these engines stock being able to handle boost and 50 - 75 shots even so forged it will handle it no doubt. These are VERY strong engines and very compareable to LS1s imo. I would also do the maintanance stuff as well such as timing belt, water pump, plugs, wires, and do a compression test and go from there with the mods. How much did you spend on the car? Congrats on the purchase.
The only thing I would say about building your engine is, if you end up doing that you might want to consider a bigger turbo then a 20g. If your new to the dsm world, there is a huge array of turbos for these cars that would treat you better then a 20g (not that a 20g is a bad turbo) but it you have a built motor, you might as well get the most out of it. Now, if you have the money to rebuild your motor so you can have the piece of mind that your not going to blow up your motor and be stranded or down a car for a few days I would build it. But like everyone else said, check the compression and see where your at. If your compression looks good the stock motor can handle everything that you want to do to it with a 20g if you tune it. Tuning these cars has a lot to do with the engine life expectancy. Simple things like tuning, changing the oil when your suppose to, and common sense will let you pull 200k plus out of these cars. However, if you plan on spraying on top of all this then you might want to build the motor as you planed.
yea I persoanlly would go bigger than a 20g ... those are old technology and you can get much better bang for the buck turbos nowadays. Look into a 50 trim or even bigger.
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