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DSM Curb Weight FAQ/breakdown

Posted by aovsi, Jun 5, 2004

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  1. aovsi

    aovsi Proven Member

    Joined Sep 30, 2002
    Chicago, Illinois
    Full System, 90 TSi AWD: 35lbs
    Full System, 99 GSX: 42lbs

    Cooling System:
    1G Stock metal radiator fan: 6lbs
    1G Stock plastic radiator fan: 5lbs

    Carpeting, sound deadening material, etc:
    Sound Deadening Material Inside Car: 25lbs
    Spare tire cover + privacy cover: 20lbs
    1G rug in rear hatch: 2.5lbs
    Each floor mat: 3lbs

    Tools, etc:
    Spare Tire and Jack: 35lbs
    1G Stock tool bag and tools: 2lbs

    Under hood, hood itself:
    Hood, 1G Hood: 44lbs
    Hood, 2G Hood: 42lbs
    LS1 MAF With MAF Ends: 1.5lbs
    Charcoal Canister, 90 DSM Turbo: 3lbs
    Fog Lights: 5lbs
    Stock 2G battery: 42lbs
    Oddessy Battery: 14lbs
    Crankshaft: 6 bolt stock crank 35.5lbs
    Cruise Control: 90 DSM Turbo With brackets and bolts and lines 6lbs
    Various Brackets: Firewall brackets, Intake, air can, heat shields etc 10lbs
    1G rubber intake with BOV return hose (from turbo to MAS): 3lbs
    1G starter: 8lbs
    1G Intake Manifold, With EGR Block off plate: 10.5lbs
    1G intake manifold with ALL sensors/ICS motor + support bracket + throttle body: 23 lbs

    1G AWD Transmission, Complete: 125lbs
    1G FWD Transmission: 85lbs
    DSM 7 Bolt Flywhee, unlightened: 19lbs
    DSM 7 Bolt Flywheel, lightened: 14lbs
    ACT 2600 Clutch Disc: 3lbs
    ACT 2600 Pressure Plate: 10.5lbs

    Exhaust/turbo related:
    APEXi N1 Silencer: 0.5lbs
    Tial 40mm wastegate, With Metal o-ring: 1.5lbs
    2G AWD Catback, No muffler: 17.5lbs
    2G AWD Catback, Full Catback with Muffler: 37lbs
    2G AWD Muffler 19.5lbs
    16G turbine housing, ported (made few years back or less time ago): 9lbs
    1G 14b original turbine housing, unported: 11 lbs
    Evo III exhaust manifold, ported: 12 lbs
    Evo III o2 housing, unported: 6.5lbs
    1G original o2 housing, unported: 6lbs
    1G original exhaust manifold, unported: 10lbs
    14b turbo, only center cartridge with wheels+comp. housing, no turbine housing: 5.5 lbs

    Seats, safety belts, etc:
    1G OEM Front fabric seat plus slider and belt buckle. No belts: 50lbs
    1G OEM Front Seat Belt Assembly: 30lbs
    1G OEM Rear Seat Belt Assemblies, Speakers and mounting plates: 18lbs
    1G OEM Rear Seats (upper and lower, leather): 40lbs
    1G OEM Drivers Seat (Leather Adj lumbar): 50lbs
    1G OEM Rear seat bottom: 12lbs
    1G OEM Split rear seat back: 18lbs
    2g OEM seat, cloth, no power: 43lbs
    1G middle rear seatbelt mount: 2.5lbs

    1G Stock Shocks, each: 12lbs
    1G AWD KYB AGX rear struts, each: 5lbs
    1G KYB AGX front struts, each: 8.5lbs
    1G Stock Springs. each: 6lbs
    5-spoke wheel, 1996 GS: 20lbs
    95-96 Talon Swirl Rims, With 205-55-16 tire: about 42lbs
    97 GSX wheels, 17x6.5, no tires, each: 25lbs
    90 Laser stock 16" steel wheels w/very bald Sumitomo Srixon-4, 205/55 tires: 45lbs
    90 Talon stock 16" aluminum swirl wheels w/70% tread, Goodyear Eagle RS-A 205/55 tires: 42lbs

    Electrical, sound, etc:
    Stock Radio/CD Player/Amp: 10lbs
    DSM Turbo ECU 1.5lbs

    1G Bumper, Stock Metal Bumper Rear 32lbs
    1G Bumper, Stock Bumper Front 35lbs
    1G License Plate w/bracket: 2lbs
    Tail light ('90-'91 Talon): 2 lbs
    Rear center piece ('90-'91 Talon): 2 lbs
    1G ('90-'91) clear pass/flash-through front headlight trim, with bulb and socket: 1.5 lb
    1G ('90-'91) corner/side marker, with bulbs and sockets: under 1.5 lb

    Center storage compartment door: 2 lb
    Center console one-piece that surrounds the shiftter: 2 lb
    Passenger side dash storage compartment door: 2+ lb
    Metal brackets that hold up the wood in rear hatch: 2.5lbs

    Rear Wiper Assembly: 5lbs
    Sunroof, Entire 2G glass sunroof assembly w/screws + brackets: 32lbs

    1G Hatch, with glass + center spoiler piece + wiper motor + brackets - COMPLETE: 60lbs
    (someone needs to start making these out of CF or FB with glass substitute :D )

    My '90 AWD Talon, with 1-2 gallons of gas, all fluids full + 15-20 lbs of crap in the car, no driver: 3180 lbs :cool:

    For search purposes:

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    1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    · 1G DSM
  2. aovsi

    aovsi Proven Member

    Joined Sep 30, 2002
    Chicago, Illinois
    Some item weights might be useless to know, interesting nevertheless. Some people might be forever bothered to insanity by not knowing the weight of a specific part, this thread should be the one to help you!

    A few other threads discussing weights and weight reduction:


    Please feel free to add other appropriate threads discussing weights.

    Also add weights of other stock and aftermarket parts you happen to come across or even decided to weigh them yourself; things like pistons, rods, your aftermarket wheels, etc... I'm sure someone will appreciate your contribution now or later. :thumb:

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    1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    · 1G DSM
  3. badboyr66

    badboyr66 Proven Member

    Joined Dec 8, 2002
    eastern, Washington
    I can Honestly say that I felt a difference when I took out my leather seats including my reasrs. And put in Sparco Speeds. ANd also removed all my tire crap including the jack. Plus my seat belts Was not huge, but I felt it.

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