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o2 sensor

  1. Dirtbike29

    2G Bank 1 O2 Heater fault after installing AFR gauge

    I installed an aem air fuel gauge in bank one and wired it to pin 76 in the ecu now I have this code for front o2 what do you do to remove this code when installing the afr gauge
  2. FP black , o2 housing

    For sale 4G63 FP black , o2 housing

    Selling my journal fp black. $650+ shipping/pp fees. Selling a no name o2 housing without dump tube. $130 + shipping4inch intake without filter $50 + shipping
  3. Innovate MTX-L Plus Digital Wideband

    For sale Innovate MTX-L Plus Digital Wideband

  4. 91lzer

    Resolved O2 sensor help

    Hey, my 91 laser CEL came in for O2 sensor. I ordered an NTK one to find out that the connectors are different and it only has 4 wires instead of 5. I can’t find any 5 wire sensors. Is the one in my car OEM or aftermarket. And what is that thing on the connector? Looks like a chip of some sort...
  5. 2G Running extremely rich, not passing 3.5k rpms

    Ok so I just want to see if someone has any new ideas.1997 GST, 4g63t, pretty much stock (16g turbo, and thats it). I bought this thing barely working (engine harness is a mess, im fixing it as I go) but anything I do seems to make it worse and worse, im getting scared of touching it tbh.Te...
  6. Red Rider

    1G How to get this connector apart

    How do you get this plug apart? I see no visible tab to press. It won't budge, and I don't want to ruin it. This is a 1990 GST, the plug is coming from the O2 sensor to the wiring harness. There are single ridged grip sections on both ends, but gripping them does nothing.And do they have...
  7. Anfurnyy

    1G o2 sensor wiring confirmation

    Installing a wideband in my 93 1g, went to check out the o2 input on the ECU harness and saw this mess. Doing some research I understand that this has kind of been covered in other forums and that this is actually OEM this way?I drew a diagram and just need to know if this is the correct...
  8. Sjd6795

    2G Front o2 sensor replacement

    Out of these two which do you guys prefer? a side question.. If you had the option for 850cc, 660cc, or 560cc injectors for my Small 16g, 2.3l with a...
  9. 2G green sleeved shielded ECU wiring question

    Car is 99 gsx. Long story short the wiring that leads to my ecu plugs have been hacked up horribly bad from various owners and past piggy back/gauge wiring. I've owned the car for years and have finally got around to cleaning things up. I discovered my wideband data logging ground had been wired...
  10. Jose Cruz

    For Sale Used Gauges/Turbo Timer

    For sale I have: AEM wideband includes white face with grey bezel & Brand new Bosch o2 sensor ($110)Glow shift 30psi multi color boost gauge ($20)Apexi grey turbo timer ($15)(All prices are OBO first come first serve and do not include shipping/handling)
  11. Djsniperwolf

    General Zeitronix ZT-3 narrowband simulation issues

    Hello all. I am dealing with some strange issues in regards to my narrowband simulation.I was dealing with a lean condition and knock counts as high as 19 under any boost of 10psi or more. I had some Major exhaust leaks which I have fixed, and figured I would toss in a wideband.My friend...
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