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coolant temperature sensor

  1. ncarson91

    2G 2g coolant temp sensor issue?

    So I replaced both sensors for engine coolant temp. I know they are picky and specific to which sensor has to be installed, make or model or trim ect can throw it all out of wack. Need specific sensor for mine which is a 98 GST. ANYWHO! I 300% made sure I have the correct sensor but my engine...
  2. Reliable brand for an engine coolant temperature sensor in a 92' Galant

    Hello, first post here so please let me know if I'm breaking any rules.I have a 92' Galant with a 6-bolt 4g63 and an automatic transmission. About a year ago I changed the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (shown in the pictures, 2 terminals and is located close to the thermostat housing)...
  3. EVOscan EVOSCAN Coolant Temperature Inverted

    Just got my Evoscan cable and software. Troubleshooting my idle, and a few issues. Noticed that coolant temperature starts high and "cools off" as the car warms up, ending up at 82.4deg F. Not sure what setting to tweak. Also, I replaced my coolant temperature sensor thinking maybe it was bad. I...
  4. August578

    420A Is the ECT connector the same as a 4g63/64 on a 420A?

    Hi, broke my ECT connector and need the car running asap. I was thinking that I could stop by the local junkyard but the only engines they have there are the 420a. Not sure if the ECT connector is the same.If any wiseman of the 420A could help a fellow DSM friend out.
  5. ncarson91

    Need help wiring coolant temp

    So when I bought the project car the coolant temp wires were missing why idk so I bought a aftermarket gauge from glow shift and need to know how I’d wire it up for accurate reading on ecm link. Any help would be greatly appreciated mind you I’m a newbie and far from an electrician. I also know...
  6. 2G Broken coolant thermostat housing

    I have been working on my 1998 eagle talon tsi awd to get it fixed up and one of the issues was a bad coolant temp gauge sensor. I went to replace it and while pulling the old one out the housing crumbled above it.does anyone know where I can get one of these housings? I only see one on eBay...
  7. sacrileger

    Resolved Take a listen (video)... intermittent or persistent misfire?

    methinks this engine is not running right bc it sounds as if one cylinder here and there misfires. it shakes a bit when idling but picks up when it revs higher. it lacks a bit of power when i drive it. i cleaned up and re-gapped spark plugs, same with plug wires, my injectors are working...
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