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  1. how to install a T-belt on 4g64 with ajustable cam gears?

    Hi, I'm putting together my 4g64 motor and I'm looking at adjustable cam gears. Everyone I've talked to said just to order a set of 4g64 cam gears put the t-belt on and then the adjustable cam gears. I was just wondering if anybody knows how many degrees the 4g64 cam gears are off from the 63's...
  2. TPG Tuning Update: Peter..We have traction...

    are you using nitrous??? noticed you had a nx wet kit listed in your profile.
  3. really jerky at low speeds?

    Its not what your talkin about like when trying to take off... its when your already rolling and trying to keep a consistent low speed like say 5 mph but every time u let of gas just alittle it like throws u foward like drags down then when u try to pick up alittle speed it jerks ya back and...
  4. really jerky at low speeds?

    Hmmm mabey it is somewhat normal... then a heavy clutch just makes it a lot worse. I've drove other awd 5sps before and they weren't as bad as mine but they weren't nearly as modified though either. But yeah it does fell like "play" in the tranny and 2nd gear doesn't really do it. I just didn't...
  5. really jerky at low speeds?

    Hi, i have a 95 talon TSI awd that i did a a/t to m/t conversion on and ever since i did it my car has been really jerky at low speeds in 1st. Recently i just put in a new TRE trans with a lot of stuff done to it, new Spec stage 3 clutch and flywheel and new rear diff and its still their.... i...
  6. where to find a set of rear axles for a 2g AWD?

    I'm trying to find a set of 2g AWD rear axles with LSD and i can't anywere! Does anyone know were i can find a set at? cores would even work so i can send them into r-axles and get a new pair but they won't sell me a set with out cores. I've called around to local junk yards and they can't get...
  7. New Endlinks

    I HATE the endlinks on DSMs! i don't know who designed that crap but i think they deserve a good kick in the balls. They never come off right and the nut they have on inside is some size that doesn't exisist, a 14mm is too lose and 13 to small and theirs no standard one that will work. :mad: I...
  8. IOWA DSMr's

    lots of people have tryed to setup a DSM meet in iowa in the past but nothing has really happened......... we should really try to go through with one though for once.
  9. Eclipse vs. Vette Video

    that was a complete waste of my time watching that vid..... how bout a real race? :rolleyes:
  10. 2.4 stroker build

    a 50 trim won't get you into the 11's??? WTF I don't know where people got the idea that they have to have these huge freakin turbos that don't spool it past 5k to run 11's! A huge turbo isn't what makes your times, its the supporting mods, good tuning, and good driving. No dsm needs a...
  11. looking for a good websigner

    I need to find a good webdesigner perferably someone that has a passion for cars/dsms. Anyone here or anyone know anyone thats particularly good with building automotive websites?
  12. Anyone know if there is a difference between the 2g a/t and m/t rear diff?

    uh? i want to know if you swap a 2g awd from a a/t to m/t if you need to swap the rear diff too because of a different ratio from the trannies
  13. Anyone know if there is a difference between the 2g a/t and m/t rear diff?

    Is there a different gear ratio between the 2g awd a/t and m/t rear differentials?
  14. Behold... DSM porn

    Hot women over fast cars, now thats what i live for :) new wallpaper going up :thumb:
  15. A/T to M/T swap, now car won't start

    i did a ton of stuff, like to much to list. everything from a new dash, to turbo, to tranny. Not to much wiring stuff though that would affect the car to start other than the m/t to a/t converionbut to ad to it, my fuel pump won't kick in either.
  16. How fast do the balnce shafts spin?

    balance shafts turn twice for every one revolution of the crank, i'd just pull them suckers out :thumb:
  17. A/T to M/T swap, now car won't start

    Ya i also did a battery relocate and a bunch of other stuff too so i might go check all my batter termanials again to make sure everything is alright.thanks
  18. A/T to M/T swap, now car won't start

    I recently swaped my 95 talon from a a/t to m/t, and did a bunch of other misc. mods. Well i go to start my car and all i get is click from somewere around the innterior fuse box. I'm thinking theres something in the wiring that is causing the car from cranking over but i'm not sure what. I'm...
  19. 2G Door Handles Help! [Merged 11-7] broke broken eBay replacement repair handle outside

    If your interested i can get you a set of aluminum handles that you'll never have to worry about breaking again. PM if your interested.
  20. auto to manual (should I go for it?)

    i'm in the process of swaping my 2g from a a/t to m/t, I'm almost all the way done and getting excited to get it on the road. The swap really isn't to bad if you have all the parts. only really hacking you have to do is for the clutch cylnder on the firewall other than that everything else...
  21. A/T Top Speed mods? aka:how fast have you been in your auto?

    i got up to 152 and still climbing good when i let off. :shhh: and thats accully a couple of % low cuz i didn't factor in my larger 18" wheels and tires.
  22. what other dsm boards do you frequent?
  23. 4g64 Crank

    :shhh: :shhh: :shhh:
  24. People who are running small 16g's whats your setup

    DSMlink 1g head with 5 angle valve job and SS valves 1g intake mani/TB hks 272 cams ARP headstuds cometic HP headgasket heavily ported 2g manifold HRC o2 elimnator DP with 3" el. cutout spearco 24x8x3 FMIC 680 injectors walbro 255 fuel pump areomotive AFPR buschur UPIC with 1g bov...
  25. installing head studs W/O removing the head

    just got off the phone and there sending me a new one at no charge :) Great company :thumb:
  26. installing head studs W/O removing the head

    ya thats were i was planing on putting it if i go that route, then later on take out the one stocker and put in a ARP. The only thing i was worried about though is will having full torque on the studs next to #10 while replacing it cause any damange to the head?
  27. installing head studs W/O removing the head

    Ya i didn't want to put any kinda "cheap-fix" on there now thats why i wanted to know if i could put factory ones in now and try to get a APR nut for it in the near future then when i need to pop off the valve cover and take out the stockers and put in ARPS. I would never consider doing this on...
  28. installing head studs W/O removing the head

    are u sure thats safe to do? When you pay $100 for a kit to fasten down your head i don't think you just want to use a nut from anywere.
  29. installing head studs W/O removing the head

    I'm kinda in the middle of a head swap right now and i need my car done by a certin deadline. Anyways I was going to put on ARP headstuds but the set i have is missing a nut somehow, anyways i'm really pissed about and not sure what to do. But what i want to know is if its okay to put in my...
  30. ADVICE - Cost/technique 6 bolt Rebuild

    if its a used timing belt you can put it on backwards since its supposted to go on the same way it cam off. If its new it shouldn't make a difference. But i wouldn't let them guys touch another one of my motors again.
  31. Resolved quick question for anyone who has takin apart a 97+ CAS

    on the 97+ cas it has that deal that needs to be attached to the cam that the sensor reads well I'm putting it back together and i need to know way it goes on since it can be rotated 180 degreees. Does bigger side go to the sensor or the smaller side closer to the sensor.thanks!Anyone?
  32. 264 or 272?

    for daily driving how much difference is there bewtween the 264/264 vs. the 264/272? also how much MPG is lost with them?
  33. any head experts please look here

    I baught a rebuilt head and everything looks great on it expect for there like 2 small chunks taking out of core in 2 different comperssion chambers. I have know idea what caused it but it looks like it has been ran for ahwhile since it happened. If you cut a BB in half it would probley be about...
  34. Anywone have any ported 7 cm 2g manifold pics???

    okay i just want to make sure if i outline a 7cm gasket on the manifold and i port straight down or and put a angle or round it off at the bottom i won't run into any trouble? I just don't want to over port anything and end up cracking something later.
  35. Anywone have any ported 7 cm 2g manifold pics???

    ummmmmm... i didn't see any 7cm manifolds, they were just 6's with the step removed.
  36. Anywone have any ported 7 cm 2g manifold pics???

    I'm porting out my 2g exhaust manifold for my B16g and i was wondering if anyone had any pics of a ported 7cm 2g manifold?thanks
  37. Need For Speed Underground 2

    if they would just make the engine bay as customable as the body that game would be soooo killa. It kinda stucked that it was all in stages and the $$$ really did nothing cuz you get $ faster than you would unlock stuff. Someone needs to come with a totaly realist race game. Something were you...
  38. Mitsu going out of business?

    I really think they need to revise 2g eclipse, make a few small body changes, take off a few pounds then add like 300HP 16g with a FMIC and all the goodies in the same price range to compete with the SRT-4's and that would be one hell of a car. They could sell so many of them. Then add like some...

    Not really, almost all diesel tractors are turbo now a days. back in like the 20/30's there were quite a few i guess. But any I would say its pretty rare to find a brand new N/T diesel tractor although i think there are a few less than 100hp that are out there but everything 100+ is boosting.

    yea i live on a farm and i'm around a lot of disel motors, but the way the disel motor operates almost all of them are turbo charged. and yes they don't have BOV's and you can't really hear the turbo on a disel. another fact is they don't have wastegates either.
  41. Ways to make $$$...

    penny stocks :D if you know what your doing its a good way to get rich fast.One my pennies went up 40% today. if you play them right you can make a lot of money but you have to know what your doing cuz you can lose that money just as fast.
  42. 4g63t drinks WAY to much gas ne ideas?

    or double check to make sure your fuel pump isn't leaking all over the place ;) :thumb:get that fixed yet?but yea the walbro is going to overrun the factory 2g at idle and at lower loads when the engine is not using as much fuel. and all around the 510's are going to be pumping extra...
  43. How much could I get?

    if you ever changed your mind i would probley buy you head/intake/TB.
  44. How much could I get?

    i would part it out to get the most money, modifed cars never seem to sell for a whole lot more(for what they should be worth)
  45. all wheel drive dodge avenger (from 97 eclipse gsx)

    I just got a ride in this beast today, hes still getting the bugs worked out of it, i think we got about 3 miles then the shifter cable came undone and had to drive back in 2nd LOL.but its for real and going to be one killer sleeper when hes done with it.
  46. whats a totaled SRT-4 worth

    i was trying to find me a me a totaled DSM with a bad motor when i came across THIS- do guys think thats worth? Its going to be up for auction in a few weeks.
  47. MSD Bolt-in Replacement Coils

    I need to get a new coil pack and i found these on prostreet. these work in our cars? does anyone have one?
  48. can a FWD and AWD fuel pump be swaped?

    first i should say i searched and i couldn't find anything out other than the AWD has the sender unit attached to the pump.but the deal is i have a walbro 255hp in 99 gst and i want to put it in my 95 talon can it be swaped? or do i need to buy a new pump?
  49. evo VIII cam's in a 1g head

    That would be really sweet if they did cheap way to gain a few extra HP for people like me who have there head off and would like a little more agressive cam but can't afford HKS's.
  50. evo VIII cam's in a 1g head

    will the evo VIII cams work in a 1g head with a 97+ CAS? or won't since the evo motors are "fliped" will it not work?
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