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Would like to see 2gb talon bumper with 2gb eclipse headlights


Proven Member
Mar 17, 2005
Stayton, Oregon
So, I have this idea of putting a 2gb talon bumper with 2gb headlights from an eclipse, and modifying the bumper so there won't be a gap in between the headlights. All of that followed with eclipse sideskirts on my talon and I think I would have a nice clean ride.

Now, before I do this I wanted to see if anyone has done this and/or has a picture to share. Maybe the real deal paints better then what I see in mind


Proven Member
Mar 17, 2005
Stayton, Oregon
^^^ those convertions are the opposite of what I am looking for but I do appreciate the help.

Well, I've gone ahead and done it and it looks pretty darn good. I did not, however, mod the bumper because I realized I would only ruin the flow and look of it. What I did instead is convert the 2ga headlights into 2gb, I noticed that the only difference between the two headlights is the clear plastic and the inside chrome (2ga) and black (2gb) plastic.

Sure, I could have just painted the chrome plastic inside the headlight black but that's what I already had done and it just not the same as the 2gb.

So here is what I did, I modified the inside black plastic from the 2gb headlight to fit the 2ga outer clear plastic and placed all of that in the 2gb headlight housing. I know it might all sound confusing but I took pics . I am just waiting on my car being done with a paint job to take some final pics and then il post them up, that is if anyone is interested :rolleyes:


DSM Wiseman
Jan 13, 2003
glorious Galt, California
I never got around to doing it, but the 2GA lenses should mount right up to the 2GB back and reflector. The rear parts are the same, only the clear plastic of the lens has been changed.


Proven Member
Dec 7, 2009
antioch, Tennessee

Oh heck yeah, awsome job dude!

I'm currenlty converting my 95 tsi awd bumpers and headlights to 97,,,, however, I'm gonna pull off the (eclipse) letter emblems off the reflector middle piece on back tail and replace it with (Talon) emblem lettering,, same deal on the front with the Eagle logo. I think it will throw a few people off and still represent......LOL...Your lights do look sweet ...
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