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Suicide Door Hinge Plans/Instructions

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Apr 30, 2004
Horseheads, New_York
I have been looking around on info. for making suicide door hinges (the hidden ones), and I've come up a little short. I've seen pictures and some pretty bad instructions, but I saw on ebay that they had some blueprints for sale. Now has anyone boughten these blueprints and tried it, or has anyone done this themselves (suicide doors install)? If so I would love a write up on it, and if possible some to scale blue prints. Please any info would be great. thanks,



20+ Year Contributor
Nov 14, 2002
Highland, Michigan
I'm sorry... if you need instructions to do this..... don't even attempt it. Its not even close to bolt on. You need to know how to fabricate.

For this kind of stuff, you need to be able to visualize what needs to be done, not read it.


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 10, 2002
Randolph, New_Jersey
SnoopySLR is right. Don't expect a write up for everything... it seems people want a friggin' write up to pick their nose. If you have read up on it and don't understand it, chances are it is a little too advanced for you and should be taken care of by a pro.

I would suggest finding a custom shop and asking them. NOT "Bob's Kustom Kar" or Joe's Collision Repair. You need a REAL shop. A place that does frame off restorations and things of that nature. You won't find a single lime green with pink racing stripes car on the lot.

You will pay through the nose, but if you want it done and would like it to actually work, that is the only way to go.


20+ Year Contributor
Nov 19, 2002
Corvallis, Oregon
I had suicide doors on my 93 yota and I hated them. First you will have to reinforce everything and with Eclipse doors being so heavy you will get tons of sag and bounce whenever these doors open. You will have to cut and reinforce tiny buckets for the big ass hinges to fit into and then you will have to line everything up and cut out your old latch and fabricate it on the other side. Plus to mention your door handles wouldn't work (i suppose you could leave them on not shave them) so you will get some silenoids for each door and use that to open them. And going into that you will have to fab up a new way to open your doors from the inside unless you are just going to use the silenoids.

All in all, Don't do it. Plus its a pain in the ass getting in and out. :thumbdown


20+ Year Contributor
Mar 12, 2003
Barto, Pennsylvania
are you asking about making your doors open from the front, or just hiding your door handles?

hidden door handles = shaved handles
door opening backwards = suicide door


15+ Year Contributor
Apr 30, 2004
Horseheads, New_York
i was asking about suicide doors. thank you everyone for your input. much apprectiated. that's all i need. thanks again
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