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Don't remove your airbag module... pics and video.


10+ Year Contributor
Mar 2, 2009
chambersbrug, Pennsylvania
glad everyone is ok man.i had a bad crash last year with my kids in the car.a lady just pulled out in to the middle of two line highway (55mph speed limit )and stoped i bearly hit car but the impact killed the car and sent me in a telphone pole at around 40mph the air bags saved me.too bad my 1g doent have any


Banned Member
Jun 24, 2004
Columbus, Ohio
Dis she show any remorse for ####ing up a beautiful car? And nearly killing you and or your son!? I think I would have been doing what Tim said eariler!

James :dsm::talon::laser:


15+ Year Contributor
May 26, 2006
Montreal, QC_Canada
WOW, that looks to have been a very serious crash. Good to hear you and your son are OK.


15+ Year Contributor
Dec 8, 2004
Freehold/Morris, New_Jersey
I'm really glad to hear no one was hurt, esp you and your son.

With that said... Whatcha gonna do with that FP exh manifold and the valve cover? (I hope it's not too soon) :D


10+ Year Contributor
Mar 14, 2009
Castle Rock, Colorado
I've been run off the road by stupid ignorant c**ts more times than I care to count in my 2G, and a stupid bi*** in a suburban TRIED to kill my wife by jumping across traffic illegally, broadsiding her on the drivers side. These ignorant b17ch3s NEED to be taught a lesson. Personally if I were a traffic judge I'd sentence every one of them to HAVE to drive something as small and old as possible for a year minimum to make them learn how it feels to be on the other side. They just don't get it that even though they feel safe, they could easily kill someone else on the road.



DSM Wiseman
Jan 13, 2006
Clarksburg, West_Virginia
Just to update, since I'm not visiting the site as much as I used to...

Insurance company gave me $5200 for the car. Adjuster wasn't very understanding when I tried to explain to him that he couldn't use the selling price of a local rust filled '95 420a with 166,000 miles on it to come up with a value for my newer, well-maintained AWD with 86k on it. Geico sucks, they also agreed to put the blame on me for the accident (maybe because the other lady was under-insured) and have yet to send me a copy of the police report on which they based their decision (which I requested 3 different times while talking to them on the phone).

My wife's going back to school this fall to finally wrap up her BSRN degree, so we decided that I will wait until she gets out of school to really get myself a new toy. We used part of the insurance money for her books, uniforms and part of her tuition, and I bought a DD (that I'll get to in a minute) with the rest. Had a local guy offer me a fender bendered '96 AWD Talon with no title for $500 but I'm too skeptical of the legal issues there. I'll be back here with another AWD someday, just might be a little while.

In the meantime I've bought a bone-stock rust-free "Current Red" 1994 Taurus SHO ATX. The 3.2L Yamaha mill is an awesome engine to say the least. The car has had 1 previous owner and has just turned over 99,000 miles. Besides the obvious lack of AWD and forced induction, the only bad thing is the auto trans, it's sure seen better days, but I'll be getting that rebuilt as soon as my wife gets her financial aid refund check back in a couple months. The trans operates fine under medium to heavy throttle, and as it sits right now it might actually be quicker than a stock 2G AWD DSM. They weigh very close to the same and the SHO has a little more grunt with 240bhp stock.


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 13, 2008
Patrick AFB, Florida
This same thing happened to me and the other driver was a middle aged lady. Her entire family was in her chevy venture.

She got a reckless driving ticket.

First of all,

You were in a legal passing lane.

She turned without checking. Its HER fault. She had no ####ing shitacular clue you were even in existance when she ran that stop sign. How you got convinced somehow its your fault too is rediculous. Any decent traffic accident officer should have been able to figure all this out. You got screwed and now geicos shitty coverage is selling you out. Double screwed.

I hope you figure things out. Sorry. Glad your ok.
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