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97 eclipse spyder gs - 4g64?


Probationary Member
Jan 13, 2009
Farmington, Arkansas
so i have a 97 spyder gs. with the 2.4l sohc... and i was thinking to rebuild the motor aand do a 2g head swap, or i could get a rebuilt 4g63 motor if it will fit..? whats a better idea? and can you swap a 4g64 for a 4g63? are they both 7bolt?
sorry im lost casue you dont read much on the 4g64 engine:dsm:


5+ Year Contributor
Jan 15, 2006
Fairfax, Virginia
I just finished my turbo addition recently. Don't bother rebuilding it yet, or adding a DOHC head. Try it with the SOHC first.

This site is a must-read for swapping in a GST/GSX ECU, which is really imperative if you want to have fun,:
1998 Eclipse 4G64 Spyder Performance Upgrades

If you do the above modification you will need to wire in the Turbo model IAC. There is a guide on how to do this, but IT IS INCORRECT! I have figured out the correct way to wire it thanks to the knowledge and assistance of Dave Mertz from ECMtuning.
DO NOT FOLLOW THIS GUIDE LITERALLY: Forums • View topic - IAC Swap Diagram (Inline to 2-row Rectangular)
I can help with this if needed. More than likely you will have the same problem I did (since you have a '97) if you follow that wiring guide. Your car will run lean and act stupid. You could damage the ECU.

The forum is not used a lot because the people who would use it are all on this message board, which I highly suggest joinging:
4g64 : Mitsubishi 2.4 Litre 4G64 owners group

There is a very large wealth of information out there made just for you, it's just not all on this forum.

Here is a nice buildup of a 4G64, and the details of such an operation:
7-bolt 4G64 buildup and swap with 1G head

For a 4G64 Spyder specific 1G or 2G head swap, look here:
1G Head Swap on a 4G64
2G Turbo Head Swap on a 4G64

There aren't really instructions for that because you should be able do it with the factory service manual and proper research. Just remember the block is taller, so a 4G64 DOHC timing belt is not the same as a 4G63's.

I'm running my stock pistons, 10PSI limit and all, as well as my SOCH head. Read the arguements on the 4G64 yahoo group, but you may find yourself convinced to stick with what you have and just slap on a nice 14B of 16G. The 2.0L users on DSMtuners, while highly respected and knowledgeable, don't always speak from experience when it comes to the Spyder GS. My car f-ing rocks right now. The only thing I want is a better turbo and stickier tires.
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