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  1. Laika

    1G Replacing 1G MPI Relay with Bosch-style Relays

    In this guide I will be describing how I replaced the MPI relay for a 1990 Eclipse GSX with 3 Bosch-style relays. This approach is useful if you had a MPI relay go out and you don't want to pay over $100 for a new one or if you are worried about sourcing one of these units in time for a...
  2. Laika

    1G Want to know 1G MPI Relay Resistances

    I was wondering if someone with a working 1G MPI relay could do me a huge favor and test the coil resistances for me. It should be MPI pins 10+8, 3+7, and 9+6. Below is a diagram (from that shows the pin locations for the connector.Thanks!
  3. all black 4G63

    1G 1G MPI Control Relay

    Would like to know if it will cause any damage to the ECU if the MPI relay is eliminated and switched B+ is ran to pin 107 (C-59) of the ECM?I would also be eliminating all factory fuel pump control circuits (pins 56, 13, and 108 at the ECM) as I would run a HP pump on a separate replay and...
  4. 2G Alternator isnt Charging

    Im installing a Fueltech 450 on my 1996 2G Eclipse GST. but i had a lot of problems with the MPI when i tried to connect the fuel pump, basicly i resolved it making a new instalation just for the fuel pump, and with the spark, i had a similar problem, i just made a complete new conexion with...
  5. sacrileger

    Resolved no spark, no CEL

    Very odd situation... I drove the car last summer, parked it for the winter, wanted to drive it this summer, tried to start it just now,... no spark. Started tracing the problem. Noticed my CEL was not ON. Accessed resources you guys graciously provided over the years here. Found this post...
  6. 1G MFI Relay woes

    Hello everybody, I just picked up a 1G DSM. It's a 1990 1.8 Manual Base Model. I've been trying to get it to run but the fuel pump is not turning on. There's not even power at the fuel pump connector. So I followed some of the things the forum said, and it brought me back to MFI relay. The relay...
  7. sacrileger

    General 1990 ECU Test

    Would any one here know how to perform a fuel pump test on a 1990 ECU (n/t) in a similar fashion as was done on various other components at this link: ?Alternatively, how do i get on OK code that, at bare minimum, would indicate that the ECU is in good health...
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