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  1. cswindel

    Wanted 2g 2ga engine harness (complete)

    Looking for a 2ga manual turbo OEM engine harness that is complete. No splice/cuts or missing components.
  2. cswindel

    Wanted 2g Engine Lift Brackets

    In need of both the front and rear engine lift brackets for a 1995 GST (but has 1g head)
  3. cswindel

    ECMlink The ECMLink Parts Guide

    BLUF: Make an easily searchable, one-stop shop for time tested and proven aftermarket/upgrade parts that talk to ECMLink for those starting from an all OEM platform to those that have a far from OEM set up but want to run ECMLink.Intent: To create a forum to consolidate the time tested parts...
  4. ISO 7 bolt Oil Pan

    Wanted 2g ISO 7 bolt Oil Pan

    Especially no dent where I currently have one as pictured. Need dent free and with straight rails ready to install
  5. JayyDSM_

    Odometer Roll Up?

    Yesterday I went and pulled a handful of items from a 99’ GST that was headed to the scrap yard, not my decision but the car is rusty and has had most useable parts pulled, anyways, I got a white 99’ gauge cluster and two matching white face gauges to go with it and was wondering how I could...
  6. RexEclipse2g

    Resolved 420a Shifter bushing alternatives

    I could give the story but I dont want to waste too much or your time. So are the shifter bushings that attach to the transmission on a NVT350 (420a) trans the same ones as the 4g63 transmission? Or where could I order a new set of bushings or a replacement for the old ones?
  7. EljefeDSM

    Spyder Installing Excalibur RS-475-3D 2-way remote starter on 1999 Eclipse Spyder.

    I'm installing Excalibur RS4753D 2-way remote starter on my 99 spyder. I bought a 99 gs earlier this year and it came with it. I didn't want to pay a shop to do it. Does anyone know or have the wire diagram to install this? Thank you.
  8. Pinky 1997 eclipse GS

    Street Build Pinky 1997 eclipse GS

  9. My 420a build

    My 420a build

  10. DsmJessy

    420A 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS HVAC electrical problems

    Hello, I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. I am dealing with an electrical problem dealing with the A/C HVAC control. I was driving one day and my A/C went out.Blower switch wasn’t turning on and the HVAC lights weren’t turning on. I took a look at the fuses in the interior. I saw that 10amp...
  11. Ladiesman442

    2G Sparco EVO QRT bucket seats while maintaining the back seats? (Seatbelt/Harness questions)

    Hello DSM Fam,I am currently Nuts deep in my 2g 96 GST project, the drivetrain build is coming together and I decide to take a visit to the Sparco warehouse where I scooped up some EVO QRT fixed back seats, and a steering wheel. I have a couple of questions about the seat belt situation. This...
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