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dsm link v3

  1. ECMlink ECM LINK V3 and active wideband

    So this is a question on weather ECM link uses the wideband (also used to mimic the narrowband) sensor when driving. I only ask as I;ve gone through 4 Widebands in a short time, and its mounted 100% horizontal in the rear position so i bet thats the issue. I want to mount into the downpipe but...
  2. Aleque

    ECMlink DSMLink reporting ECT 300* Is ECU fried?

    Found out my ECU that has DSMLink installed is fried, it seems like just 1 part of the circuit I believe. The circuit that is damaged is coolant temp, the ECU will read 300 degrees. DSMLink does still work it will connect to it just fine and I’m able to check data list and adjust fuel...
  3. SwanneeShane

    ECMlink Need help diagnosing

    I recently had my Galant VR4 tuned on speed density, installed new FIC 1220's injectors, and installed MTXL Innovate Wideband gauge and a OMNI 4 bar, its tuned on pump gas at the moment (Switching to E85 soon). Now after I get the car warmed up the car seems to drive good, but after about 2...
  4. Gsx_Parker

    General HELP! Starting issues and dying issues

    Hello DSM world I need your help before I drive my Gsx into a pond. So I bout my 96 eclipse gsx about a year ago half built from a guy who was planning to make a drag car, but never finished. He had put a 16g Evo 3 td05 turbo, front mount, areomotive fuelpressure regulator, dsm link v2, water...
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