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2nd gen

  1. Beefsquattch

    2G 3g Eclipse GTS V6 swap into 2g?

    So, I have a 3g GTS sitting around and a '99 GS sitting around as well, and I've been thinking about pulling the 420aT from it, selling it along with the antiquated Megasquirt kit, and swapping the V6 from the GTS into it.1. Can it be done? (has it been done?) 2. Will a 6speed bolt to it? Or...
  2. JKhaphora

    2G Are these car supposed to be this hard to drive?

    Ok so I just got a 1999 eclipse gst, and it's unexpectedly hard to drive. I already don't have much experience driving manual (drove my buddies 3g eclipse twice) but damn. The clutch is very particular, and the gas peddle is very hard to press. Which my dad says isnt normal, but my friend with...
  3. 97 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 97 Eclipse GSX

  4. phantomdsm

    2G 4g63 bullet proof block build

    Hello friends!Just blew a hole in the block of my Talon, luckily I have an extra Block that came with the car. I was hoping to get some insight into where to start, I know crank walk is a big deal on these things so while I have this block all apart I wanted to see what people are doing to...
  5. FalpenHost

    My 1997 Spyder GS-T

    My name is Jeff. I live in Wellford, SC. Over the last few years, I’ve owned 3 2nd Gen Eclipses. All three have been Spyders. 2 had the 4g63 and 1 had the 4g64. I grew up around mechanics and in shops but this is my first time ever actually working on a turbo car so I’m new to the concept. My...
  6. wtfhaks

    2G '96 Eclipse GS Right Rear tire scraping

    Heyo. so as the title says, I have a scraping sound from my right rear wheel, and the right rear of my car is lower than the rest of my car.We are looking at a 1996 (aug 95) Eclipse GS (FWD N/A, Manual trans)This problem started a few months ago. It slowly progressed until it got as bad as...
  7. Salty-Seagull

    2G Visual Guide: 1995-99 Eclipse Emblems & Decals

    This guide covers the exterior emblems and decals used on the 1995-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse.Disclaimer: this info may not be comprehensive or exhaustive, and may contain mistakes or errors. If you see a mistake or something missing, feel free to drop a comment. :)Front Bumper Emblem as shown...
  8. Short 5th gear

    I have a 1999 gsx eclipse, and i take it out on the highway alot. With that being said this car rund pretty high rpms while going 80 mph. So my question is how could i get like a 25% taller 5th gear for when im on the highway
  9. Maxamum

    99 Eclipse Spyder GS-T

    Hey I'm Dave, and new to the forum and the DSM mod world. Just bought a 99 Eclipse Spyder GS-T with 74,000 original miles on her and i have big plans. Hoping to get some ideas here and read some of the forums and gain some knowledge from your builds. I already know i want to upgrade to a big 16...
  10. 2G Rs/gs awd?

    Okay, so hello to everyone I hope you’re all having a good day! I’ve been trying to track down answers to a few questions, and found myself in loops on these forums. So I am going to ask. This relates to doing a drivetrain conversion, and eventual engine swap on a base model 2g eclipse. I...
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