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Jan 3, 2021
Apr 29, 2010
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Tractor Beam Operator at the Death Star

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Jan 3, 2021
    1. 4G63_fiend
      BTW, I get on here when I can, but the best way to reach me is via email, as I get it on my phone. It's [email protected]
    2. 4G63_fiend
      I have built a couple DSM's, and currently have link on my car. With that said, I am by no means a pro tuner. Hell I wouldn't even call me a novice tuner, as I have little experience with it. I do however have a passion, and would love to know more about where this all started.
    3. 4G63_fiend
      While I do not contribute a lot to our community currently or in the past, I would love to try. Not to sould like I am the guy because I'm so great and knowledgable, but just to try to give back to this community. As I am reading in the comments, there seems to be a little misinformation already, which I want no part of.
    4. 4G63_fiend
      Kreez, I am not a professional journalist, nor am I a proven member on any board. What I am attempting to do, along with a couple other guys, is start a magazine dedicated to our cars (DSM/Mitsu). I have always wanted to try my hand at writing, and have a stong passion for DSM. My goal is to attempt to help soemthing like this start, and hopefully provide (corrctly) detailed information.
    5. JayRolla
      Man have not logged in for a long time, but struts never blew, sold them with springs and I believe they are still going.
    6. Bud92gsx
      Dude, no lie..This thing screams harder on 10 psi than that ebay did creeping to 20..

      The spool is semi 13g like.. But sounds like a mean ass 13g for shizzle. My1gdsm knows how to tune..

      Now for insurance, and some fun at the church parking lot. Or Possibly practice launching in my parking lot.
    7. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      I searched all over craigslist and found a few but still wanted to find the right one.
    8. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Were you commenting on me or that guy on my post? BTW it takes more than google to find a 1969 charger man.
    9. Bud92gsx
      I noticed the crappy body and 5 peice spoiler, and thought,ohh I wonder if that guy wants to sell.
    10. Bud92gsx
      I was just looking through pics of 1g's trying to find something.You posted a pic of your neighbors 1g.Does he still have that pos?
    11. robtheturbopric
      hey thanks for your message i have been so tied up i have not had a chance to update it. i have alot to share with you guys. ill post a new entry soon.
    12. XiKeiyaZI
      Lmao. yes, yes it is. It's very addictive. ;P
    13. DSM_munky_man
      Nope, never got in there man, still frustrated about it! lol if you figure it out let me know, I still dont want to pay a locksmith to do it lol.
    14. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Yeah man I am a funny guy once you get to know me.
    15. thesnail
      wha is wrong wit my bov?
    16. 9!'clipseDOHC
    17. agarc023
      Haha yeah me too man, thanks again :)
    18. agarc023
      Just wanted to let you know that it was the CV's

      Thank you for all your help man
    19. agarc023
      I'm sure it is. I haven't gotten to changing it out. I have to use my fathers tools and he helps me but last weekend we saw that the inner tie rods were pretty bad as well. That's all we got around to doing since my brother had a soccer tournament over the weekend (I'm assistant coach, had to be there). They will be changed out this weekend. Thanks for you help man. I tagged your post as helpful.
    20. Frankenstein
      thanks man apreciate it! would you rather diy on the upgrade paths or take to a shop??
    21. Black Widow97
      Black Widow97
      Thanks man. It does, I got my asking price for it, and is going to an owner that will not rice it out, and will keep it stock. Win win situation.
    22. 96|eclipse|rs
      okay thanks, when i bought my car it didnt have a headliner or spare tire cover, and i made a spare tire cover
    23. kp116
      Not sure what size the rims are but the tires are 26x9.5x16 hoosier qtps
    24. Fotowntalon
      2 1/2 inch (apexi N1)
    25. Fotowntalon
      I love the Christmas tree air freshener!
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