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Recent content by Dhan

  1. Dhan

    Ask Us Anything!

    No questions but wanted to say thank you for continuing to support our platform :hellyeah:
  2. Dhan

    Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    Is determined to not let this thread die
  3. Dhan

    Difficult repairs; we are not alone

    Just about anything on my old 1991 300ZX. It was really cramped in that thing. Awesome car but a pain to work on.Just about everything on the DSM has been pretty straightforward and easy in comparison. Except maybe pulling out the clutch pedal assembly. That sucked the first time around.
  4. Dhan

    420A Regular clutch on 2gNT (Saga Continues)

    The shift fork should be to the right (as in, towards the driver's side) of the little bell housing window.
  5. Dhan

    Hi all

    Sounds like a cool ride! Would love to see some photos of the motor.BTW, never heard of Sydney, NV. Is that near Vegas?
  6. Dhan

    RockAuto: "We cannot ship to this address"

    @dwb @ErikTande The sales to Colorado is hit and miss and depends on where you ship to supposedly. I'm in Adams County and back in 2019 their system wouldn't ship to me. I placed an order for some steering parts a month ago and they did ship to me. So if they didn't before, give it another shot...
  7. Dhan

    I got even with a scammer after 18 years

    So he basically got an interest free loan of $400?Glad it turned out alright in the end. Better to just be honorable at the start than spend life looking over your shoulder.
  8. Dhan

    "Lucky" Sevens Talon

    Some really cool progress on this car! It's got to be the only Eagle Talon (maybe the only Eagle) in all of Bulgaria! Possibly the only one in Europe.... Does it get a lot of attention from people?
  9. Dhan

    Shimming the pivot ball.

    No open thread yet. Going through everyone else's threads and trying to exhaust all options first.
  10. Dhan

    Shimming the pivot ball.

    @RLSchwabeAppreciate the update! I'm having my own issues with a South Bend clutch setup, and am now going down the same list you posted above.
  11. Dhan

    Torque Plate and Head Gasket Question

    FWIW, I've never used one for the handful of SBC motors I've rebuilt, and neither has my step dad for the dozen or so he's done. Two of those SBC motors are still going a decade later. I didn't use one on my DSM rebuild (OE rebuild), and that motor now has two years and several thousand miles on...
  12. Dhan

    1G What are these hoses and should they be connected?

    @Redongreenon on the inside of the car's hood (bonnet if you're English) there might still be a sticker that shows how the vacuum lines are supposed to run. It's similar to what was posted by DSMPT.Just out of curiosity, what does the European and Japanese emission vacuum line layout look...
  13. Dhan

    2G Ground for the block or body?

    Hey, no problem! Let us know how it goes.And check back into this thread in case some of the other more experienced members add some more info.
  14. Dhan

    2G Ground for the block or body?

    If it were me, I'd double check the wiring to the starter really quick. Make sure no wiring got pinched or torn during the removal and replacement of the motor. Verify it's all connected and plugged in where its supposed to be. On my car (I have a 1992 model) the starter has a ground wire with...
  15. Dhan

    2G Ground for the block or body?

    I assume you've verified the battery is good and you've got full power when you turn the key (headlights work, door chime makes noise, etc.).You say the starter doesn't do anything. Do you mean literally nothing, as in completely lifeless, or it just doesn't start the car? For example, when...
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