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For sale Freelancer NEW PRODUCT!!!!! *** Active / open for orders *** 2G Tubular front subframe

£1,830.00 to £2,240.00
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Got 2 more subframes done recently. This ones off to get coated this week.

People starting to get them installed which is exciting to see and makes me just as happy as those receiving them.else IMG_20230107_135120.jpgelse IMG_20230107_135110.jpgelse IMG_20230107_134934.jpgelse IMG_20230107_134926.jpg
We had an eager one wanting to get this straight in! Wasted no time from getting it from me to installing it!
else 317519880_1275836863238265_5024236712171722071_n.jpgelse 317935434_682201660290485_2245244473136977541_n.jpgelse 316862149_1509634589538169_3189785887159320574_n.jpgelse 317275540_511769170898714_3030051116502669221_n.jpgelse 318188174_1193824708176092_3919252575805746399_n.jpgelse 317698553_3250069665246772_4459955049840847784_n.jpg
2 frames have now been shipped out! Awaiting the next 2 to arrive back from the coaters this week and aim to have them out by the weeks out! Been working real hard on my weekends to get through some of these and stick to my time scale which i think is looking pretty good!

else IMG_20221123_083554.jpg
2 frames are back from being coated! Another 2 done also. 1 at the coaters and 1 to be swapped over shortly!

These two went black, left is satin black and right is gloss! Hard to tell but there is a difference when you get up close.

else IMG_20221120_142538.jpgelse IMG_20221120_142512.jpgelse IMG_20221120_142502.jpgelse IMG_20221120_142355.jpg
Got some work done over the past 2 days. Getting some bits prepper and made of what I have for steel parts.

I managed to get 2 sets of bolt on parts pretty much done. The only thing im needing to add when machined is the 4 point brace mounting bush for the crossmember. And a few more bushes for the subframe build and im all ready to proceed on them.

else IMG_20220924_195720.jpgelse IMG_20220924_175858.jpg
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All the cnc turned alloy parts are done!

The steel parts will start coming to me this week and likely to be next week they start to all come in!

I will then be shortly making a start on the frames and getting them rolling.

Just a note that im away for 2 weekends beginning of oct as we had our 2020 trip cancelled for covid and we arranged it for now since its open in some places now so i wont have any progress during those 2 weekends just so you all know.

else IMG_20220919_121136.jpg
Update folks.

I have several parts now in for the frames. I waited a bit closer to the CNC parts being made before i got ordering on some bits but the list below is what I have.

Metal has arrived today ( loads of it )!!!

I have all the hardware stocked. Sorry i dont have any pics of this to post up for you.

Nylon and rubber pads are all in stock.

CNC is coming to a start and possibly might be sometime next week for it to start the run ( hopefully )

Next is to order the boxes which I will do once i built the first frame as i wish to confirm my sized from the other frame, these will be custom made boxes so its expensive and wish to double check before i place the order.

Padding inside is also next on my list to buy and will look at getting that all in the next week or two.

else IMG_20220831_093950.jpg
Just thought I would update this post.

Im currently making prototype #2 subframe! This is the RACE version with 4 point under brace and crossmember, this is for maximum support and strength.
else IMG_20211230_160052.jpgelse IMG_20211230_160045.jpgelse IMG_20211230_155950.jpg
Great kit, but the shipping fee to Taiwan should be very expensive....:ohdamn::ohdamn::ohdamn:
I think it was only an extra £60 to taiwan. I had another customer interesting in one. If thats not bad then shoot me a pm and i can look into it more for you to co firm exactly
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