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  1. How do you remove the grill thing under the wipers?

    The service manual calls it the "Front Deck Garnish"-- I thought that was funny. Anyway, I want to take that plastic grill thing off that's under the windshield and wipers, so I can paint it black (it's badly faded). I see in the service manual how it's installed, but I don't get how to get...
  2. AEM EMS w/ A/T

    You definitely need to check with AEM. There's some issue with getting the EMS to work with the stock TCU that causes problems. One guy a few years ago got it work (don't remember his name), but he said it was very difficult.
  3. big 16G V.S 14B

    The lag is not a problem. I'm running an 18G on my A/T-- even though you're AWD and have a tad more drivetrain loss, it's not an issue.
  4. Knock off Greddy Type S bov

    That's the spirit! :dsm:
  5. Knock off Greddy Type S bov

    And the other verdict is to take a few minutes and actually read some of the thread if you're interested in the answer instead of asking to be spoon-fed.
  6. old schoolers, what ever happened to....

    I thought Al Gore invented the Internet.
  7. Knock off Greddy Type S bov

    I have that exact Dejon 1G adapter on my SSQV knockoff and it works great-- it's a really nice piece. Just for extra leak protection, I applied RTV around the inside edge between the adapter and BOV before I mounted the adapter to the intercooler piping. As I mentioned before, no leaks at up to...
  8. Knock off Greddy Type S bov

    My Monza SSQV is still performing well. I've leak-tested it to 25 PSI and it's leak-free.
  9. AFPR... What do u guys think??

    Max base pressure. To update, I've had mine for a few months now and seems to be performing flawlessly.
  10. 2g gs outer lower tie rod qu's

    OK, cool-- thanks. Yeah, clamps I got. :D
  11. 2g gs outer lower tie rod qu's

    Ooh, good timing on this thread. I was just told that my tie rod ends were shot as well, but I think the guy said inner tie rod ends. Are those just as easy to replace as the outers?
  12. ECU upgrades question? Help

    1) I'm not sure but I could guess if you want. Probably keeps the A/C from coming on above 5000 RPM. 2) Makes the stock boost gauge register knock. Do it. 3) Prevents ECU from getting nervous about seeing too much air and thus shutting down the engine. DEFINITELY do it. 4) They're asking you if...
  13. F'ing Knock-- fuel pump falling short?

    A local DSMer just told me that too-- I'll try that.
  14. F'ing Knock-- fuel pump falling short?

    Yeah, me too-- I've read differing stories about how much this pump can handle. I have a Walbro pump laying around here somewhere that a buddy of mine gave me a while back. Now if I could only find it, I could tell if it's a 190 or a 255...
  15. F'ing Knock-- fuel pump falling short?

    Violator, sounds like a good plan. My fuel trims were pretty dead on the last time I checked them, but it's been a while. Definitely time to recheck them-- good call. All the timing sliders are at zero, and on a knock-free run (like yesterday with the 110 gas), I get 15.2 degrees of timing...
  16. F'ing Knock-- fuel pump falling short?
  17. F'ing Knock-- fuel pump falling short?

    Peak airflow is just over 37 lbs/min. RRE says the VR4 pump is rated at 180lph at 12V at 43 PSI. For comparison, the Walbro 190 is rated at like 168 lph at 12 volts.
  18. F'ing Knock-- fuel pump falling short?

    I cannot get rid of some persistent knock at about 5000 RPMs and up. I've added fuel to the point of not wanting to add more (I'm at about +3 on the DSMLink fuel sliders for 5000 and up). I'll be doing yet another boost leak test REAL soon, but short of that, is there maybe a possibility that my...
  19. is a VR4 pump OK for 50-75hp shot w/ an 18g?

    I dunno-- RRE says that the VR4 pump at 12 volts flows 180lph @ 43 PSI @ 12V, while the 190 flows 168.45 lph @ 43 PSI @ 12.5 V. I guess this is a case of choose who you want to believe, although stealth316's real world test data seems pretty convincing. Anyway, if you want to be the king, just...
  20. Best Intercooler Out There????

    To update, my core had a small leak in it (internal, not DV/DT's fault) so I sent it back in. Albert replaced it free and shipped it back to me last week. And this is after I had the kit for about a year.The new core is now on the car, but I haven't had it dynoed or anything yet. I had the...
  21. doing own fluid flush and shift kit on auto

    You should definitely add a bigger tranny cooler. The stock one is like the size of a shoe. I went with the B&M SuperCooler; I think the model # is 70268. It's the 8 x 11 one. I mounted it where the stock SMIC was, since I did it at the same time as my FMIC install.
  22. Better Engine Shots?

    I'm pretty sure it's not ready to run-- the spark plug wires aren't even hooked up.
  23. doing own fluid flush and shift kit on auto

    I've been told that the LubeGard actually makes the fluid MORE "slippery," not less (still looking for confirmation on that...). Supposedly the LG just puts the coefficient of friction in the proper range that the Mitsu tranny wants. If you're making significantly more HP than stock, though, it...
  24. Auto tranny Seems like its not driving in 4th gear? staying in third

    I'm not sure. Mine would just flare when it shifted into O/D, so I went ahead and changed the end clutch right then. I have heard of it acting both ways-- just revving, and not going into O/D at all.
  25. oil catch can [Merge]

    That's a lot more buildup than I ever see in my catch can. Are you sure your head gasket's OK? Any white smoke in the exhaust?
  26. Forge bov, reviews?

    Anybody having problems with it surging/fluttering after it's been adjusted? My SSQV flutter annoys me sometimes and I've been pointed toward the Forge BOV.
  27. Better Engine Shots?

    Yeah, that heat shield is my number one suggestion to the original poster.
  28. old schoolers, what ever happened to....

    That might be kinda cool. Although I don't need reminders of how old I am... :DSomeone mentioned Aslan (NosLaser) earlier. He's more into Mustangs now-- I see him occasionally. I just got a Mustang too (still have the DSM), so I still seek his advice every now and then.
  29. Auto tranny Seems like its not driving in 4th gear? staying in third

    End clutch is cheap and easy; I'd do that first and see if that fixes the problem.
  30. doing own fluid flush and shift kit on auto

    Sounds about right. I agree with gotlag in that a flush isn't that crucial. A do-it-yourself drain and refill will use about 7 quarts. I use the Mobil 1 synth ATF with no problems. My tranny shop recommended not putting in the LubeGard, which disagrees with what IPT recommends; I'm still torn...
  31. is a VR4 pump OK for 50-75hp shot w/ an 18g?

    I'm using a VR4 pump with 780s and an 18G. Works fine. It actually outflows a Walbro 190, but not either of the 255s.
  32. Optima batteries [Merged 10-6]

    Depending on your local racetrack, the answer may be different. You might not pass tech with your battery in the back unless it's in a sealed box, even if it's an Optima.
  33. VR-4 Fuel Pump - Should I go with an adjustable FPR?

    Actually the VR4 pump outflows the Walbro 190*, but still, you won't need an AFPR for it. I ran it for about a year with no problems and only recently got an AFPR.* VR4 pump at 12 volts is 180 lph, while Walbro at 12.5 volts is 168 lph if you look at those RRE pages closely. The "190" rating...
  34. Turbo question.

    Efficiency is important all the time, but yes, especially on pump. BTW, I believe VRMAN on here is running a 57-trim on his car; PM him for details.
  35. 9b Turbo off VR-4..

    Yes, you can, but it's a little bit of a hack to make it fit. I have one on my car and it works great, once you finally get it installed.
  36. valve cover bad?

    Or: down to the section called "Options:"
  37. is a dsmlink for me?

    You don't really need a wideband with DSMlink, at least for starters. Sure, it's a nice to have, but nowhere near "critical".
  38. Fuel Pressure Question

    No, the AFPR automatically raises fuel pressure for every pound of boost it sees. That's why you connect it to a boost source.
  39. fuel pump question

    Call a dealership with the serial number of the radio and they'll give you the code (well, some won't because they're asses, and some will try to charge you-- keep calling around until you find one that's cooperative). The S/N for the radio is right on top of it in the front-- just pop off the...
  40. Fuel Pressure Question

    Keep it at 43.
  41. Why does no one use the 18G ?

    Mods in profile, 34 lbs/min at 20PSI with a couple of decent-size boost leaks (will be fixed soon, I hope).
  42. A/T Trans Questions

    Probably. End clutch kits are only about $75 or so and easy enough to install yourself. The main thing I'd suggest is a tranny cooler at this point.
  43. Upgrade fuel filters/Mr. Gasket?

    Yeah, good link. That's what originally inspired me to upgrade the supply line from filter to rail. I still think that he should just try the banjo bolt elimination and see if that's good enough. When I put an Earl's filter inline with the -6AN line, it caused my car to run unbelievably rich, so...
  44. Upgrade fuel filters/Mr. Gasket?

    I've been told by several sources that the stock filter, once you remove the banjo bolt thing, isn't much of a restriction. I don't have any definitive flow numbers (GPH or whatever) for it though. I'd try just the banjo bolt elimination kit first and see how that goes, and then upgrade the...
  45. Upgrade fuel filters/Mr. Gasket?

    Mark, if you just need the fuel rail -AN adapters, Diamond Star Motorsport has them, as well as Auto Alchemy. I think other places too, but those are a start. They're about $25 apiece. I have a -6AN line from the filter to the rail and it works fine. There's an adapter by Goodridge that screws...
  46. A/T Trans Questions

    That TC looks pretty good. About the valve body, though, I don't really see putting down almost four bills for another one if you already have a shift kit installed in the one you have now. The cost benefit ratio is not in your favor on that one, IMO. I'd think you could find much better bang...
  47. Shortest FMIC piping for a 16G on a 2G

    Well the AGP kit (usually one of the "Featured Products" links at top of this page) and the SlowBoy kit both use the same core and are a few hundred less.
  48. Shortest FMIC piping for a 16G on a 2G

    Mine uses the Spearco 2-216 core. Here's the writeup:
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