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  1. Make RFL BOV Vent to Intake?

    I posted awhile back about an RFL BOV that I was given, and if it would work on my DSM because it vents to the ATM without a choice...Well after performing a few mods over the weekend, one of which was to remove the air can completely instead of just hacking it up. I made my own intake pipe...
  2. Color Change or Not?

    This is kind of an opinion poll I guess. I'm repainting in the spring because of the whole road salt issue so I have some time to think it over. Really I like the factory color, but if I'm going to repaint and get the materials for less that 200.00 I might as well explore all options. The pic is...
  3. Do you use the Haltech ECU?

  4. Knock?

  5. Kazaa can get obtained from the link spywareYeah, you're going to get a virus if you don't scan your files that you downloaded before trying to use them. That's just common sense
  6. Rota Vs. Racing Hart questions

    I bought the ADR Concept Pro RS Limited 17" wheels and Khumo Ecsta Supra tires for $800 shipped. I weighed the wheels at 14.8lbs each, and the tires at 24.5lbs. Love em
  7. AEM Big Rotors

    That makes sense then. I knew with 17's the caliper barely clears the inside of the wheel.
  8. AEM Big Rotors

    hmm..this is what I was looking at I would have expected the rotors to be bigger than that.
  9. Where can I get this hood

    That was some funny shit I was in tears over that.
  10. stock block and heads

    I would at the very least get 550cc injectors and a 190 or 255lph pump before running much over 12 psi on that turbo up front. Some kind of fuel management system will be in order if you upgrade those parts. An AFPR couldn't hurt either.If you plan on going withou I would turn up the boost...
  11. Porting

    The exhaust manifold and O2 housing porting will help out alot if you have an aftermarket exhaust system. This should reduce spool up time and improve overall flow. I can't speak for the intake I have a ported one sitting in my garage but I haven't installed it yet. Port O2 housing $50...
  12. AEM Big Rotors

    Good info, I decided awhile back that I wanted the AEM setup. Glad to see good reviews and some cons so I know what to expect.
  13. ninjas are mammals

    I went to that site like a year ago. This kid death threats and everything on him. The site is amusing for awhile...but then it just get's really stupid.l
  14. TurboNotch Update thread

    Your planning on sticking with the stock heads or trickflow on a turbocharged application Aslan? The stock never did breathe that well. I was just curious I never tried a turbo setup on a 5.0L.You never mentioned camshafts, are you going with a mild E303 with the turbo setup?Intake...
  15. Another bad O2 Sensor??

    The only honeycomb I left intact was the largest chamber. If it's not there it creates turbulence and messes up the air count anyway, not to mention the uniform airflow.Back to this O2 sensor. I've checked the connections, I think I'm going to try a known good o2 sensor my friend has. If the...
  16. Well, NosLaser has bought a new car

    Awww it's even red like the laser. I love em too. 1987-1993....I have to agree. The power steering sucks, the brakes suck, the heads suck, the ignition system is going to need work. I previous owned a 1987 Mustang I did a full Cobra conversion on. Paxton Supercharger had a nice home atop that...
  17. Another bad O2 Sensor??

    I have not researched MAF overrun very much but correct me if I am wrong. Is MAF overrun when the airflow exceeds 1607hz by quite a bit but it does not read past that numerical value?
  18. Another bad O2 Sensor??

    It's odd...I often thought the same thing. When I was only running 18psi on factory IC pipes and intake pipe I could hit 1607hz and hold it until I let off the gas. Now that all of my pipes are 2.5" IC's and 3" intake it never reaches over 1450hz at 22psi. The honeycomb was removed a year ago...
  19. Another bad O2 Sensor??

    I'll try that. I'm replacing the exhaust soon.Thanks, TyAnyone else have suggestions?
  20. Another bad O2 Sensor??

    My fuel trims are 140% for Low, Mid and old and new O2 sensors do the same thing...? The ECU has been replaced and for the most part everything runs fine. A slightly rough idle is the only real problem I've had.At idle the O2 will not cycle all the time, you have to tap the pedal...
  21. Steamed Rice...

    I did a search for this file name in hopes that it was not a repost. I applogize if it is.Steamed Rice
  22. I need advice badly!! I'm gonna be a father.

    :laugh: :laugh: ROFL :laugh: :laugh:
  23. Steel Intake Manifold Flanges?

    I did find them at Taboospeedshop...but as you said, the flange is aluminum and you are looking for steel. Probably have to custom make it.
  24. dyno tuning at its best

    BWAAAAHAHAHA :laugh: :cry: :laugh:
  25. Surgery today......wish me luck

    LOL FourG63!Don't assume anything till ya see the biopsy. No use in worrying about it now. I got lucky on mine. Turned out to be calcium deposits.Good luck!
  26. Steel Intake Manifold Flanges?

    I'll look at RRE's site and see if I can find them for you. I could have sworn I saw them there.
  27. I need advice badly!! I'm gonna be a father.

    This is cause I posted that pic of the inside of you car isn't it....? :D
  28. I need advice badly!! I'm gonna be a father.

    Kris I stated "IMO" he asked for advice, so he got it. I only offered my experiences and I didn't tell him this is "what he should do." If you didn't catch that, re-read it before jumping to a conclusion.
  29. I need advice badly!! I'm gonna be a father.

    The fear part is totally normal. Abortion is retarded..that is for people who can't pick up a phone book and locate a police station or fire station. You can leave a child with one of them and not have to fear prosecution. On a personal note..I have 2 kids, I'm now 24. What you are feeling is...
  30. BPR8ES plugs

    Only drawback I can think of on running a colder plug is that they will carbon up faster. But that is easily remedied by cleaning them every few weeks or so.
  31. sneek pics of my car in the paint shop (15 pics)

    I was trying to figure out what that paint reminded me of all day. I think it reminds me alot of Rob Zombie and his work.
  32. Best Exhaust

    Best exhaust is a free exhaust. Or the next best thing to it. Make one yourself for about 80.00 + whatever muffler you want. Make sure you coat the pipes in rustoleom or buy SS pipe.
  33. Pep Boys turned to the dark side...

    Not near as disturbing as the hamburger I just ate from the vending machine. :barf:
  34. Loudest BOV?

    My stock BOV sounds awesome recirculated. AND it holds 22 psi without leaking. Pressure tested to 24psi before it started hissing.
  35. sneek pics of my car in the paint shop (15 pics)

    I think it looks awesome. Definately not typical and very original. It's alot wilder than I would have gone for my car. It does look good though, can't wait to see that clear coat wetsanded and Mcguires #7 polished on it.
  36. Robbers get OWN3D hardcore

    That is friggen outstanding!
  37. my lawn mower just died.

    You know....I remember seeing one of the coneheads stick the spark plug from a lawnmower in his mouth, swish it around a bit, then reinstall it. Damn thing ran fine after that.
  38. I hate myself...

    ROFL!I took that pic of the inside of Lando's DSM at the last meet. :Dj/k
  39. I hate myself...

    So let me ask you... How much horsepower does this guy have?
  40. what is your curb weight?

    Did you just weigh it at a truck station? ...Been meaning to go do that.
  41. Embarrassment courtesy of DSM

    Rarely can I get mine to go into 2nd gear without grinding. If you are launching it will chop into 2nd without a hitch and keeps on going. It's just loud and annoying. It never gets just never gets better. If I take off slow from a light I have to put it in neutral, then pause for 2...
  42. my lawn mower just died.

    What boost are you running? hehe Is it getting spark? Did the fuel line get clogged?
  43. new member

    That's L2RTSIAWD saying...get it straight.Hehe J/K John
  44. Where is John? (L2rTSIawd)

    ROFL That deer is the best. It helps to have a hell of an imagination. Picturing some guy with Slash's hair holding a deers mouth going "L2RTSIAWD"
  45. Poor EVO :( :(

    Hoffman...LOL I'm sorry that freakin ruled. My sediments exactly.ON another note... it does happen alot with kids and parents buying them cars they shouldn't have. Someone's going to say something about it one way or another simply because it's the stereotype. I wouldn't take it personal...
  46. can u buy used trannys online?

    The only thing woodfins will do is tell you to read their catalog. They won't answer any real questions.
  47. Fake Nitrous Purge all I have to get is the fake cross drilled rotor overlays and I'm set.
  48. injectors

    I'll try...
  49. injectors

    I hope my injector isn't impotense.,, :D
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