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  1. EclipseSH21

    ** worth it???

    run away fast. some will disagree, but it is a scam....they took 90 bucks from me. :(
  2. EclipseSH21

    The 5000.00 dollar DSM vs Mustang Challenge

    i'll say the dsm will win. why? ### im rooting for the home team, just as you all should be.
  3. EclipseSH21

    Att DSMTuner Doctors

    Check for boost leaks.but in all seriousness, go to the real doctor, your health is nothing to #### with.
  4. EclipseSH21

    EvoScan - Does anyone use it??

    Beta testing tonight if my adapter works, gonna be a week or two if i need to order one. -FYI i run a 95 EPROM in case anyone says duhh it works you have a 98....
  5. EclipseSH21

    EvoScan - Does anyone use it??

    According to the EvoScan website, there is now hybrid support for the 95/6 ECU to be released in v2.3. Anyone know if the Multiplex adapter will work for EvoScan?
  6. EclipseSH21

    Dsmlink V3

    I am in NO WAY slamming the actual product, DSMLink is a great tool, all I'm saying is Tom and Dave are catering to an incredibly relaxed DSM market that is, in a nutshell, what Boostjunki just said- you're just glad to be getting an update. Demand drives innovation, essentially all i'm saying...
  7. EclipseSH21

    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (2008)

    neat car. I'd rather have a GT-R though.
  8. EclipseSH21

    Dsmlink V3

    [flame suit on]Personally, I think that taking this long for a software update is pretty much unacceptable. Granted, they are doing a ground up redesign, its all their own R&D, etc. etc., but still, to take this long is just mind-boggling. They never give a solid list of features as to what...
  9. EclipseSH21

    Some pretty cool stuff.

    Spyder4G64, you on CCDSM? We tried getting that P&C R34 to come to a car show we had in New Britain recently, but they were busy on that day. Anywho, those are some sick cars.Oh, and AWDream is from around here lolThey have a Repair plate on the R34, thats how they get "around that" in...
  10. EclipseSH21

    Clutch Explodes

    happened to a friend of mine with his mirage. 8000RPM likes to do that.
  11. EclipseSH21

    The WHERE to move thread

    im with you on the move to it down there, ct sucks...
  12. EclipseSH21

    ABT Audi R8 (2008)

    those wheels are teh fuggles. otherwise, sick lookin car.
  13. EclipseSH21

    ROFL at this video. 18 kid comes home late

    reminds me of this video...
  14. EclipseSH21

    The rest of my life

    Don't make your hobby your job, it will quickly suck the fun right out of it. That, and don't rush into anything yet, you're too young.
  15. EclipseSH21

    Westboro Baptist Church at my school

    I think a well placed hand grenade in the midst of those Westboro f*ckers would do the world a hell of a lot of good...
  16. EclipseSH21

    1989 Sports Cars compared, 1/4 mile times

    That Olds Calais just looks like a piece of shit, even new...
  17. EclipseSH21

    What is/was your major in college?

    Marketing, with a minor in communications. Ok degree, looking to get into advertising though. Evolving GST, you're in a hell of a place to be in Finance...Boston is a kickass town, probably gonna head up there for a job when I graduate...
  18. EclipseSH21

    Very Very Crazy= You tell me

    800,000 miles eh? When you sell it, make sure you let the potential buyer know they were all highway miles. Oh, and the oil was changed every 30,000 miles.
  19. EclipseSH21

    What's the right answer to this question: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

    I have quite a few cop buddies, and they told me the easiest way to get out of a ticket, and this is legit, so give it a read:Keep your insurance card and registration in the console, NOT the glovebox. Keep only those two documents in there, so if pulled over you can have them ready for the...
  20. EclipseSH21

    Got bored so took a few new pics

    Maybe it's the previous 7 beers of the evening speaking on my behalf, but I sense just a touch of R33 Skyline with the look of that front end. Nice originality.
  21. EclipseSH21

    What's the right answer to this question: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

    Deny everything. "do you know why I pulled you over?" "You didn't. I just stopped here and you parked behind me." "Um, well you were going 10mph over the limit." "No I wasn't." "yes you were, I have it on my radar gun." "You don't have a radar gun. I'm not even here."Do all of this while...
  22. EclipseSH21

    Maf Translator Kit: Mitsubishi Eclipse 90-99

    Only real reason I can see to go to a MAFT/GM MAF setup is the ability to still drive the car after blowing off I/C piping. other than that, the gains aren't so great. I do run a GM MAF/MAFT but just I set it to base settings. Forget about tuning with it, there are MUCH better options out there.
  23. EclipseSH21

    Dont cheat on your wifey.

    same page, afterwards id be like aaaaahhhhh gotcha b*tch! /chapelle
  24. EclipseSH21

    Awesome and creepy new robot

    Agreed. Until these things can think for themselves, they won't be primary battle machines. However they will play an ever increasing role on the modern battlefield...
  25. EclipseSH21

    honda dummy

    this thread makes my head hurt.
  26. EclipseSH21

    2008 Lancer Sportback leaked photo

    eh. doesn't do much for me.
  27. EclipseSH21

    What have you guys "rigged" up on your DSM??

    sounds like zipties on the bumpers seems to be the most common occurence...anyone ever use like quarterturn fasteners to replace the crappy stock bolts?
  28. EclipseSH21

    I've been busy with the evil_eagle this off season, preview for 2008

    that car is f*cking sick man. Keep up the good work!
  29. EclipseSH21

    What have you guys "rigged" up on your DSM??

    there's only about 4 bolts holding my front bumper cover on, and the support has been tossed in favor of better flow to the FMIC. um only other thing really is part of a keychain is holding my WGA to the flapper, as the cotter pin fell out on the road somewhere and i had to improvise with what i...
  30. EclipseSH21

    Overpriced performance parts, why?

    As I was writing my response, i figured this out I think. haha. HKS, GReddy, Brembo, AEM, etc. make quality parts for a wide range of makes and models- thus being more well recognized, and having to raise prices for proper R&D of a wide range of applications, to maintain their level of quality...
  31. EclipseSH21

    Overpriced performance parts, why?

    Personally, i'd like to go with HKS, GReddy, etc parts on my DSM. They are universally known as quality, this can reflect on the owner. Do I want to give off the image that I am a hack? No. Why should my car? Generally, high prices parts look better, perform better and last longer. Of course...
  32. EclipseSH21

    The front fell off

    well a wave hit it...LOL
  33. EclipseSH21

    Calling All Pats Fans

    I'm a Pats fan. You're a douchebag. Just drop it, I could see if we actually won the superbowl, but we lost. Not only has every damn Giants fan on the planet rubbed that in my face, but now we get idiots like you making it worse. Not all Pats fans are classless fools, you don't think some of us...
  34. EclipseSH21

    EvoScan - Does anyone use it??

    I shot the guy an e-mail, let him know about this discussion, and i'm also waiting for the 95-96 support to come out, as I run a 95 EPROM. He said it was close...thats about it. I'm so down to buy this, cant wait, it will complement my E-Manage perfectly.
  35. EclipseSH21

    Need help with ideas about making car sexier

    Black paint with double clear coat Magnaflow twin tip stock-looking muffler + resonator Some sort of racing seats (need help here) GReddy Type R or Type S BOV GReddy color matched gauges or switch gauge color w/ import intelligence needles and bulbs B20G turbo from Slowboy 720cc injectors...
  36. EclipseSH21

    whats a evo 3 16g worth with blown seals

    Figure on at least about 3-400 bucks for the rebuild, depending on what's wrong with it. Brand new E316G's go for about 550-600 bucks, so I wouldn't pay more than 200 for it. However, if it were me and my car, I wouldn't buy a used one at all, seeing as how a brand spankin new MHI E316G is so...
  37. EclipseSH21

    A Girl Posts, and Leg Humpers Go Wild

    My ex gf was a dsmchick. some parts of the relationship were awesome, like going to the track together. other parts...not so much, like when the DSM breaks or is being a PITA and i start hucking wrenches at the walls and shes yelling at me cause im yelling, and im not yelling at her but she...
  38. EclipseSH21

    Well I Pulled the Wing Off

    Lose the wing. Revert to stock tails, and stock headlights, and I think you'll be good to go. Nice car, and garage.
  39. EclipseSH21

    Yeeeaah Giants Yeah!

    Congrats to the Giants, they outplayed the Patriots. Enjoy your time at the top, it will be short lived.
  40. EclipseSH21

    Superbowl Commercial DSM spotted and Game Yammer

    Congrats to the Giants. I'm a diehard Patriots fan, but Eli Manning stepped up and won that for the Giants. Can't argue with that. On a sadder note, that Spyder got stallpwned. :(
  41. EclipseSH21

    Street Tuner Challenge?????

    They had all 3 cars on display at SEMA this year, as that was filmed some time ago. I can vouch firsthand that that Mini is a complete piece of shit. Also, that Evo was sick as hell. This why I don't like the stupid tooner shows on Speed, they always screw it up.
  42. EclipseSH21

    Been a long ass time!

    5 points for the mix pack.
  43. EclipseSH21

    Going to Vegas for the 1st time!!!

    After our first trip to SEMA, we got as many of those cards as we could, and covered one of the walls in our bathroom with them. Needless to say, there were some interesting things to read while doing your business haha
  44. EclipseSH21

    Going to Vegas for the 1st time!!!

    Diablo's Cantina is a pretty cool bar. Stay away from Tangerine in Treasure Island, that place f*cking sucks. If you're in to the whole high class thing, Tao at the Venetian is nice. I'd check out every casino, and walk the strip. Beer in hand of course, its legal to have an open container...
  45. EclipseSH21

    New Mitsubishi Awd Turbo Diesel Concept (new pics)

    I would roll in that. Pretty kickass with the dual clutch SST, and the S-AWC. To hell with the Lancer Ralliart, make that f*cker instead.
  46. EclipseSH21


    Maybe i'll try that sugar coke sometime. I do enjoy coke from a can, but only if it's ice cold, and the weather is about 80 degree plus heat. Otherwise, I avoid sodas at all costs. Plastic bottled soda almost always tastes gross.
  47. EclipseSH21

    Tornado?!!?! In Video Of Dsm's

    No way is that a tornado. Severe weather spawns tornadoes, and it's sunny in that clip...
  48. EclipseSH21

    How are you spending your tax refund?

    either a 50trim or some suspension parts. we'll see.
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