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  • pauleyman
    Of you haven't already figured it out you will need a trans from 95-96. If you find a 97 to 99 you can use it but you must either use a 97 to 99 transfer case or take apart the trans and change the final drive ratio. 90 to 94 trans will not work...
  • Ludachris
    Ludachris replied to the thread 1G 1G oil cooler ideas.
    Marty, hopefully those hoses don't rub on the holes in the sheet metal. I'm sure they'll be fine, but wouldn't hurt to make some grommets.
  • talonesi95t
    talonesi95t replied to the thread 1995 Eagle Gigglebox.
    more interior pics!
    This is my trans cooler setup location on the auto car (3 1403 Haydens) but I have a single 1403 Hayden on the 90 Red Talon in the same location for oil cooling. Ducted with the stock IC duct and some custom stuff. I ran its lines across the top...
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  • pauleyman
    pauleyman replied to the thread Spyder Idle stuck.
    It's not electrically possible to idle that high. If you had a vac leak or aomethung Ecu cuts fuel after 1500 if throttle is closed. So either ecu doesn't know throttle is closed or you might have a physical problem associated with throttle. The...
  • Ludachris
    Ludachris replied to the thread 1G 1G oil cooler ideas.
    I used a Setrab on my 1g for road courses. Can't remember the model. I had some minor ducting to funnel air to it but wanted to improve that and add an exit route for it through the wheel well plastic.Ducting is key with the oil cooler and...
  • Had a misfire in 99 gs spyder with a 4g63. I thought that was causing my idle to be high but I replaced the plugs and wires and the misfire is gone but it’s still idling between 2 and 3 grand.
  • I tried there too. They also cancelled the order.
    Do a leak down test and a compression test. That could narrow down the issue. .020" and .023" gap shouldn't cause that much blow-by. So I guess you improperly gapped or you have something else that cause it. In addition to the ring gaps, damage...
  • Hey guys. I need new brake disc splash shields, but the fitting part for my 93 D22A is nowhere to find where I live. Does anyone know if the older part MB584734 will fit aswell? From the diagrams they look exactly the same
    DSMPT replied to the thread 1G 1G oil cooler ideas.
    Two external oil cooler in series would be a good idea. And also eliminate the oil cooler bypass valve with a thermo killer would probably be beneficial to make the oil temp rising speed slower.
  • 95FullSend99
    95FullSend99 replied to the thread 1G 1G oil cooler ideas.
    Mines a 2g but I used the smallest oil cooler I could find from extremepsi. Used an evo 3 ofh for the oil in and out And mounted it under the power steering container behind the front bumper. Then I used a 3d printed bumper air vent I got from a...
  • Mironex-DSM
    Mironex-DSM replied to the thread 2G No power to ecu.
    So i connected Pin 38 to ground, the cel turned on, mpi and fuel relay clicked. As i tried to start it was just cranking but didn´t fired up. I also connected 12V to Pin 12 and Pin 25 (Power source), cel went on and same as before just cranking...
  • 95FullSend99
    I'd be in for a fwd rear bar.
  • Epic904 if that helps.
  • dustyboner
    dustyboner replied to the thread 420A Engine light.
    • 1618597335696.png
    • 1618597360826.png
  • #95GS-EX
    pick n pull has allot of parts. check the inventory on the pick n pull website
  • ProdiGi98
    ProdiGi98 replied to the thread 420A Engine light.
    Crankshaft yes. Camshaft yes, timing yes, and coilpack are Denson from autozone. Gap are within specs. On stock had to check everytime I put news ones in I think these are my 3rd sets
  • iugrad92turbo
    Restoration i would say no i find stuff on fb classifieds, post a wtb add here, ,and several salvage yards is your only choice. These are cars you find what you can, remember its a very old platform no one wants to produce parts to keep them...
  • Eclipse the world replied to the thread 4g63 head on my 4g64.
    Thanks for all the help
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