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You want to See what the inside of a Homelink sun visor looks like?


Proven Member
Oct 27, 2002
Somewhere, Arkansas
So I was having some trouble with my "new" homelink sun visor staying up and in place.
I noticed that the rod that runs into the visor was sticking out quite a bit more that the original (1/2"more), It wouldn't go in by any means. So I decided to break it it open, (literally) when I say brake it open I mean it, If you are going to open yours do it at your own risk, I did it because I had my old one as back up. I had to stick a flat head screw driver sideways, pried and heard a loud pop, cracking sound. (Scared the crap out of me:ohdamn:) To my surprise, it had opened up just fine, breaking a welded/heat-glued seam in the middle of the visor.
That is just the beginning of my journey, I saw that the problem was that the rod had been pulled out by the previous owner, getting it out of what I'm going to call "compression plate" It is a pain in the a$$ to put back in, unless you're Hulk, you'll probably need somebody else to help push/pull on the metal tabs while you work the rod in (gigitty, gigitty, all right).
You can also see how the Homelink gets it's ground (though the car's body and through the rod) that's why there's only one wire going in the visor trough the mounting bracket's tube.

I'm going to need some good plastic glue, maybe gorilla glue to put this one back together... Anyways, I hope this was of any help to somebody doing the homelink visor install or a re-upholstering of the 2g visors as I had never seen what they looked like opened up before.
Good Luck!:thumb:


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