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Why Did You Buy A DSM???

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Apr 2, 2004
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I purchased my Eagle Talon TsiAWD new back in April 1991 when I got back stateside after being in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. That was 20.5 years ago but today she looks the same as it did back in 91. The only mod I've done is rims/tires. Back in 91 I was debating between an IROC, Mustang GT or the Talon. The salesman at the Chevy dealership was a dick to me as if I couldn't afford the IROC yet I had cash in hand since I had spent 27 months in the Middle East and saved allot. The next dealership had both Ford and Eagle. The Mustang GT and Talon TsiAWD had almost identical 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. What won me over at that time was the Talon's interior was MUCH nicer than the Mustang's. I don't think I'll ever sell my her. She is mostly a sunny day car and only has 93,000 miles on her. Here is a link:


Supporting VIP
Jan 10, 2008
Waterville, Iowa
because i spent alot of time and money to build up my rsx type S and got spanked by my buddies bolt on no tune gst.... aswell as saw a race of a 95 tsi vs a 99 gsx in my town and couldnt believe how fast they launched.


10+ Year Contributor
Nov 30, 2010
Sacramento, California
Because I like the clean/aggressive look to the 2gb and it's probably one of the easiest car to make power on the cheap.


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 21, 2010
Amarillo, Texas
Family was my inspiration. My uncle had a 90gst hebought when it frst came out. Rode in it when I was in 5th grade, man I loved it. Later sophomore year of high school my budy shows up with a 91tsi and I had been doin research alredy by 9th grade. Junior year purchased my 90tsi for 300 with new clutch, sme aftermarket parts with it. Senior yr well right before that yr she saw the road for 1st time sine 2006 LOL. Drove good for almost 2 yrs an recently jumped time, but ended up purchasing also the gst for 600 from my cousin as he bought it from my uncle, so I gotta say its staying in the family.


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 11, 2009
Cambridge, ON_Canada
I personally fell in love with the curvature and overall look of the 2gb. The fact it came in AWD and turbo was just a pleasant blessing :D Then, although I didn't like 1gs at first, I ended up buying one for the fun of it. The look grew on me (Laser taillights especially). In terms of fun cars, I don't think I'd ever stray far away from another DSM or sell the ones I have. I doubt I'll like another platform as much as I do DSMs.


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 13, 2005
Yukon, Oklahoma
I bought my first dsm because I needed something with better fuel economy than my 78 z28. It wasn't until I bought that laser rs-t that I discovered the potential of a 4g63... The rest is history. Owner for 12 Years and counting..

Black Matrix

Probationary Member
Mar 12, 2014
Greenville, Tennessee
Bought my DSM because it was AWD, had lots of potential and was a Mopar car to boot. And I was wanting a project to play with.


10+ Year Contributor
Mar 5, 2012
SLC, Utah
Mine started at the tender age of 12 (16 years ago). In 98' my neighbor bought a brand new Spyder gst off the lot and brought it home. It was the "plum purple" with tan leather, top etc... he took me for a ride in it along with a couple of other kids in the neighborhood, really cool older guy who was retired, it was also his dream sports car and retirement gift to himself. I would go over and help him wash it during the summer, and I was just in awe every time I'd see him pull it out of the garage

When I started to drive 4 years later I was looking at eclipses, it just so happened to be when they were the super hot shit from the fast and the furious release a year or more prior, so that got put on the back burner and I got a truck. Then I dabbled in the svt focus scene for about 6 months. After the focus I moved on to the VW crowd. Had a decent "bolt on" 1.8 t passat that by the end of the moderate bolt ons dynoed a whopping 278 hp. Then I got into quads, dunes, long road trips to other state parks to ride, so the VW got traded in, at that time I was blowing money I was saving on building a ridiculous quad. After learning the hard way that spending 7k on upgrading a quad I still had a loan on from the initial purchase ($5700) was a terrible idea. I decided any and all loans, credit cards, whatever was not something I enjoyed. So I started buying vehicles cash. Had a few broncos, had my fun with the v8 thing. Sold em and bought my jeep that's done up a little bit... Then, finally.... a time that made sense to splurge on my dream car. I knew they had their issues, I knew the one I bought had some of these issues. But since I was done with my jeep and was happy with where that was at I just said fug it, finally got my dsm as a "small" project... and its been the biggest joy and pain in my ass since, haha.

Little did I know.... little did I know....


15+ Year Contributor
Jul 17, 2004
yonkers, New_York
Man.... When I was in high school, all I had really thought was cool was Hondas.... So glad I dodge that bullet!

I had gotten my license at 16, was driving around in my dads Buick station wagon with a friend, and he yelled and pointed out a dark blue 1g and said "it's turbo!". My eyes lit up even though I had no clue what I was looking at. Bought that car for $500.... Realized it wasn't even turbo after the purchase 😳

But the look and style and interior grew on me Soo fast... I've never looked back or looked at another car the same. Nothing I have drivin has the same look or feel... Now on my 4th dsm 😁


10+ Year Contributor
Oct 3, 2010
Concord, North_Carolina
We'll my step bro got me into them at an early age. He had a 95 rs that he gave me when he got his 95 AWD talon. I had the car for 2 weeks figuring out why it overheated, got it good and painted it. The first day I took it out hit by drunk ass driver. He actually fell asleep in his car waiting for cops. They gave me 1200 for the thing. I then put my own 300 into it and got a 98 GST that I have now. Wasn't running right and had fuel leak. Found fuel filter not tight and spark plugs where for a N/T eclipse and missed during boost.

Did all maintenance on it spent 1300 on suspension parts and now putting in a slightly ported head with 264/272 combo. 16g just went just before the swap so I will be putting on 14b to get it rebuilt. Hoping for 300hp :hmm:

Why a DSM :ohdamn: cause they are like women take your money and put out sometimes


10+ Year Contributor
Aug 22, 2010
Erie, Pennsylvania
Why a DSM :ohdamn: cause they are like women take your money and put out sometimes

Lol I've always said owning a DSM is like having a moody, bad tempered, drunken girlfriend, but you preserver because she has the face of an angle, the body of a supermodel, and once in awhile she lets you play with her.

I feel in love with the body style and when I bought my first car it was a 420a because I didn't care to do research on them. I just knew I wanted one and I've always had a DSM since. On #2 in 9 years


Proven Member
Dec 1, 2012
Boston, Massachusetts
Ive always loved how they felt when driving and the styling. It seems like no matter what I do I come back.

Started off with a 99 gs oz edition which I sold for a GSX and cash. Sold my GSX and ended up with an IS300. Sold the IS and ended up with a GS-T. Sold the GS-T and went to a G35. Now I'm back in another GS-T :/


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 21, 2008
Mt. pleasant, Pennsylvania
I didn't choose the game, the game chose me. I can attest to any of the replys. Fast and Furious, Curves, ect. The one thing that really made my dsm experience unique was they way they have always been in my life. The first one I had ever rode in was one of my moms friends cars at the age of 12. It was a 1g awd turbo Laser with black leather interior(had no idea how rare it was at the time). Then again at the again at the age of 13 I was hanging out with some girls and her older brother had a blue 1990 GSX and was showing me things about it. I turned 15 and my best friends parents helped him get a 1995 red gsx with a clicking transfercase.

I feel like after all my experiences and how the cars kept coming into my life over and over I was ment to own one. So after my first 2 Ford probes and a slew of transmission issues I traded my Probe for a 1993 FWD Talon at a car lot less then 1 mile from my house. I never had 1 major issue with that car and have been buying and selling dsms ever since.


Proven Member
Nov 13, 2013
San Jose, California
Bought my DSM because I'm a cheapskate and couldn't pass up a deal hahaha shopping for a car to get around I came across a non op 95 gsx with 93k miles for 1800 I had to have it altho Lil ruff around the edges I'm extremely happy with the car and really enjoy getting things done on it


Probationary Member
Feb 3, 2014
stamford, Connecticut
I have loved eclipse's ever since I was like 9 or some younger age. I knew there was a turbo awd model and this actually is what raised me on the love for both turbo cars, and awd cars. This then gre into a love for eclipse gto twin turbos, 32-34 GTR's, evo's and wrx's. my childhood dream car always remained a 2nd generation eclipse GSX. now I am 22, and decided I can afford to own my own car with out asking my mom for help. I saved up, eye balled the internet for a gsx for months then it popped up! a red (fav factory color on dsm's) 1999 <- not really important but for some reason I always wanted a 1999 car specifically because it was the last year of the 90's and I love those 90 cars! and it was a TURBO and AWD model in 5 speed trim!!!!! went to check it out, fell in love,bught it and now I am in the process of restoring her and making up for the slack of the previous owners.


10+ Year Contributor
Jul 9, 2010
Delisle, SK_Canada
I never knew they existed (well the 1g that is until I seen it in person), I knew the 2g from fastn furious but wasnt into them. I was always into the supras, skylines and bmws until my 1g, like many others if i'd have done my research like a smart person i'd probably still be on #1 instead of #4. What really captured me was the over all design of the car, recently the 2gs have really been growing on me to tho.


Supporting Member
Apr 7, 2011
Overland Park, Kansas
My love for DSM's came with the purchase of my first car '92 laser rs non turbo for 600.00. Thing kicked but and hauled ass for being non turbo. I did a bunch of maintenance to it and added a cold air and hack the intake box and head light, doing what I could on a high school kids budget.

Well low and behold I google search and come across John Shepherd and his awd beast. I showed my dad the youtube videos and what not and the search was on for an awd turbo dsm. Sold my laser on ebay for 1,500.00 and was going to buy a 1g gsx till the guy sold it right before i showed up to pick up the car. So the search was still on for awd turbo bas ass. I found a 2g gsx sitting up to its ass in mud, talked to the guy and bought the car for 100.00 bucks. The rest is history, now have a 1g and 2g and plan on getting more when I get the chance.
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