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Who has blown their WHOLE Credit Card on car parts?????

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jun 10, 2002
Vancouver, Washington
Just what the title says...

I went to a performance shop the other day, and this kid walks in... He's 17 yrs old, and just got a new car ('95 Integra GSR)....

Anyways, he just got approved for a $6000 limit on his VISA and he blew the WHOLE thing at once!

I saw him ordered a full bodykit, coil-over suspension, bolt-on Greddy exaust, etc..... AND he ordered a turbo-kit, plus NAWSSS... He bought more sh*t, but I wasn't quite sure what...

Wow, that is a lot of money.. It's his Credit card, so he can do what he wants.. He's the one who's paying for it...

So has anybody here done that to their credit card????


20+ Year Contributor
Feb 28, 2003
Hell no. The interest rate is like 19-25%. It'd be better to just get a loan from the bank.


20+ Year Contributor
Jan 10, 2003
Atwater, California
I've blown my card all at once, but I went to the bank and paid it right off. Stupid timing belts :mad:


20+ Year Contributor
Jul 24, 2002
Rule #1 of credit. Never, and I mean NEVER, use credit to buy luxury items!

If you live by this rule strictly you will likely never really be in much debt to speak of. Car loans and Mortgages are different. Putting $6000 of car parts or $3000 TV or something else equally expensive and not needed on credit is a really stupid idea.

Many people say "ahh I can just pay it off as I go etc etc" and it ends up being a total burdon on you. If you had $6000 in cash in your bank account would you blow it all on crap like that kid did with his credit card? Not likely because $6000 is a lot of money. When you look at it like "oh it's only $300 a month no big deal" thats when you miss the real value of the amount of money you just blew on stupid stuff.


20+ Year Contributor
Apr 20, 2002
Baltimore, Maryland
That is actually how I built my whole car. But I wasn’t an idiot about it. If you shop around you can find a card that will give you 0% interest on new purchases for a year. This is one of the best solutions if you need a bunch of parts at once ex: FMIC, SAFC, turbo.

Has it got me into a bit of trouble? Hell yes! I went a bit far last year and it took me all this year to dig myself out. But the important thing is that when one card comes due there is always another one offering 0% interest on balance transfers or another card offering 0% on new purchases. For the ones that only do purchases go onto paypal and send yourself or a family member the limit of the card and pay off your other card. This way you have up to another year of interest free loans.

But when I crawl out of debt completely next month and close all the cards my credit should look outstanding and I have a 10 sec street DSM that I can point to when people ask me where the money went.


20+ Year Contributor
Sep 9, 2002
Kirkland, Washington
hahah, dave your right

every penny ive spent on my car has came out of a visa, but its just my check card, so it comes right out of my bank account anyway, i have a rule about credit, i do it only when i need something i dont have the money for but i can pay by the end of the month...
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