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Which is your favorite? The Eclipse or Talon?


Proven Member
Oct 16, 2022
Gray, Georgia
I'm just starting a favorites thread, i want to know what you guys like!

Both 1Gs and 2Gs!

I like the 1g eclipse and I love the 2g 95 talon body style!

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10+ Year Contributor
Dec 17, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
I honestly can’t pick. I can only pick body styles of each.

1Ga for both Talon and Eclipse. 1GB for Laser.

2gb Eclipse, 2ga Talon.

Can’t pick a favorite kid, I just can’t. :p


Supporting Member
Nov 25, 2002
Pearl River, Louisiana
20 years ago my answer was Eclipse. Now, it’s Talon.

2gB Talon is my favorite to look at now. Maybe it’s a rarity thing.

I like the pop ups on 1Gs, but I like the 1gb talon tail lights.

I guess I can’t make up my mind either LOL

What do yall think about the duck tail spoilers?

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I don’t hate it but I prefer the factory talon high rise, what do we call it…. Boomerang?

Mech Addict

Supporting Member
Jun 9, 2019
Jackson, Wyoming
I think the original Mitsubishi 1ga has the the best front end, with the clear plastic "grill" with trident star tying the look better than the open Eagle grill. Pop-ups are kind of an unnecessary complication, but to me they make it more of a "sports car" and less of just a coupe, whatever those terms mean. In their original form, the Talon Tsi and the Eclipse GSX both look good, but that extra trim on the Talon looks a little more janky as they age, and less clean. I do love the silver to black fade decal that was used on the lower margin. I've contemplated repainting my own car in some non-stock color, or different OEM color, but that is still some way off on my to-do list.
As far as the 2g, again I prefer the Mits with high wing. I don't know enough about the A vs. B. I also really like the 4G looks, but it lost cred without the AWD-Turbo setup, at least for me. But I thought that style had a lot of character.


Proven Member
Sep 9, 2021
Broomfield, Colorado
What about the Laser? :tease:

I'm bias and I like the Eagle Talon. Even the name sounds legit. Unless I'm getting it emissions tested, then they call it an Egil (no joke).ROFL


Proven Member
May 10, 2019
Spokane Valley, Washington
I personally like the 2G Talon back-end and the 2GB Eclipse front-end... maybe I should just get a Talon and throw an Eclipse front bumper on it 😂

What do yall think about the duck tail spoilers?

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And I personally love duck tails... that's why I got one on mine:
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15+ Year Contributor
Feb 16, 2004
Muskegon, Michigan
First gen Talon for sure but 2g its so close. I like the two tone look of the Talon but like the taillights of the Eclipse. A clean version of either are fantastic.


Proven Member
Dec 19, 2022
1ga laser front (body color grille with no holes), 1gb laser rear, 1gb eclipse side skirts, no spoiler (laser). If I couldn't mix and match, 1ga eclipse.

2gb spyder with the giant wing, 2gb talon directionals, and WILD 2gb talon interior.
no mix and match: 2gb eclipse spyder

Not usually a convertible fan, I go for t tops or targa tops, but the 2gb was made to be a white convertible imo.


Proven Member
Mar 15, 2021
Kingston Springs, Tennessee
My .02 has got to be the 2gb Talon. I like the looks of all the cars, but just something about the rear-diffuser looking rear bumper and streamlined front bumper i love.
Not a fan of their spoilers compared to the eclipse's but, not gonna complain. Spoilers are easy to remove ROFL
Can’t pick a favorite kid, I just can’t. :p
I feel you hereLOL
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