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What New Articles/Write-Ups Would You Like to See?


Proven Member
Jun 16, 2014
La Habra, California
Recently, @Ludachris was asking for more Tech Articles/Write-Ups. This page is for suggestions that the community would like to see. So if you would like to see a Tech Article/Write-Up or Review of a new product, post it here! Others as well as myself would like to make that happen.

Happy Tuning :)


Proven Member
Jul 12, 2006
murfreesboro, Tennessee
One that I've been meaning to do is adjusting the guides for 2g windows to eliminate rattle. If there's already a write up, I haven't seen it. Also, I'm not sure if it's a 1g problem as well.


Proven Member
Nov 9, 2011
Flagstaff, Arizona
I'd like to see a write up on how to put pneumatic struts on the 1g hood

I might write something in more detail than what i whipped up below.

You basically have 3 options.

1: Buy the pre-made bolt-on kits for around $80-$100 (The install is so easy you don't need a "write-up" but if a write-up is something you do need... Mighty car mods did a "how to" video on how to install the pre-made kits on a s2000.

2: Buy a $20 thread rivet tool from harbor freight. Measure the desired length lift support and pound force you want to use. drill 4 holes (two on each side, in the most logical position), Insert the correct thread pitch thread rivet, rivet it down, than simply screw in the ball sockets from a random car in the salvage yard, install the supports, And your done!

I'm not 100% sure how durable the thread rivet idea would be, but it seems easy enough to try. I wish i would've tried the thread rivet idea first, I didn't realize H-F sold those thread rivet tools so cheap until after i was done...

3: Goto the salvage yard and grab some brackets off a 03 kia optima, than... cut, file, drill and bend them to fit. drill and tap the middle fender holes on both sides to fit the ball sockets, measure out and find the correct length lift support with your desired pound force, snap it in, And your done!

"option 3" is the route i went, actually ended up turning out perfect, I just did it yesterday, so i don't have pictures just yet... I have the strut measurements all figured out, I just need to figure out the correct pound force so i can order the lift supports.

The kia brackets/ball sockets were $4, and lift supports run around $48 shipped for both sides from "lift support depot".
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Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
I have one for a Arc2 box on a 1990 that I need to write up. It is pretty picture intense so it will take a bit, maybe I can get it up over the holidays if there is any interest. I got plugs from Sheridan Engineering and it was plug and play and worked the first time. Let me know if anyone is needing it soon. :hellyeah:
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