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What do you use to pull your DSM?

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

So from what it looks like, the smaller trucks are still capable of pulling a car with a trailer even though they might not be the best option. I have no clue what my car weighs but it has pretty much everything out of it except for the sound deadening material. I presume around 3,000 lbs. Hoping for a little under that.

I'm back looking for another truck now. Just looking for a good deal. Might pay the extra for a diesel. Does anyone pull with a diesel that does not have a turbo on it?
So from what it looks like, the smaller trucks are still capable of pulling a car with a trailer even though they might not be the best option.

I use my daily driver car to pull mine. It has a factory optional hitch installed rated for 1900kg (4200lbs). Now overseas it was more common and people never starred at us. But overseas trucks are just not so common. Thats why everyone there pulls with their cars. I live at a higher elevation, 4,000 ft and do have to cross a mountain pass at 5,800 ft and the car has no problems what so ever. I leave it on cruise control the entire time and the computer picks up the slack when the going gets tough.

So in my experience almost anything will work so long as you dont exceed the ratings of the tow vehicle and your hitch equipment.


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^^^ I have never seen that done before. That's cool that you can do that with your car.
2006 Duramax. Actually never towed either of my dsms but it is probably faster than both.

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I pull DSM's with my Cobra. Oh wait, misunderstood the thread.

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05 dirtymax. wouldnt tow with anything else.

Rockin the long bed too eh? I was scared with a trailer and my dsm on it that it would be a bit too long. 8ft bed is very long haha i wish i had diesel cummins, but sadly funds would not allow.
I like the Fuso flatbed! I'm still looking around. I want a diesel like I have said but they are too pricey for me right now. And i wont be using the truck enough to justify it. I found a 1997 3/4 gmc 2500 with a 454 in it that I'm looking at tonight.Looks decent so far for $4,000
I have made two appointments to look at trucks and they keep getting sold right before I come see them. Frustrating!:banghead: my next try is a 1997 F-250 XLT with a 460 V8. I know they love gas but when towing 5,000 lbs, what is going to get good gas mileage? A diesel will maybe get 13 or 14 mpg in my opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong. What are some of the mileages you guys are getting?
My friend has an F-250(2013) with a programmer and hes getting 22-25 on average. I don't know as far as towing. But he also has a fabtech lift and some 34 tires on there.
Yeah I know it will be a gas hog, I'm just trying to get something now before the track closes for the year. All I will be using it for is towing and firewood. That's about it. I live roughly 90 miles from the closest 1/4 mile track so I'll be looking at around $100 to race everytime which isn't that bad. About $60 to get there and back assuming 10 mpg and then the $25 racing fee and any miscellaneous items.

Those trucks get a lot better gas mileage than I thought! The only experience I had is I used to drive around an f-250 PSD for a lawn company and it got around 13-14 mpg with a programmer on it.
I have an 01 quad cab long bed dually Cummins, sadly it's automatic. But I picked it up for 5 grand with 150K and a bad trans, found a built trans on craigslist for 1300 and it runs damn good now! I was getting 20mpg with it on the highway no trailer, honestly, havent towed with it yet so I don't know about mpg with it loaded.
It's pretty much official pending a carfax report. I bought/ going to buy a 1997 F-250 XLT w/ towing package on it. It looks pretty nice and drove great. I spent an hour going over everything and I paid what KBB said was the "good" condition instead of their excellent or very good condition. It was above the fair condition so I went with it.

He had something installed on the coolant lines that supposedly your fuel will run through them and heat up so when fuel enters the motor, it will be warmer and burn more efficiently yielding a higher mpg and hp. How much it will help, I don't know. I just know through gas dynamics class in college, we used to calculate problems like this and it is theoretically true. Anyone have experience with anything like this?
I like my 2002 ram but I'm offiially getting 11-15mpg when I'm not towing LOL. I can only imagine what i get on the way to the track. I'll find out next season.

Can't comment about the fuel heating. What happens if your coolant temp is like 210? Lol
Since there is such a short area for the lines to run through the coolant, I don't think there will be that much heat transfer but it will be enough to make a difference. To give you an idea, these are tubes about 1" OD that bridges in the coolant hoses and the fuel lines run in them and then back out maybe having a couple inches of surface area used for heating.

These tubes are installed after the radiator I believe, so I'm not sure how cool the coolant is going into the engine after the radiator. 210 would be pretty hot. I'm also afraid of a possible leak and mixing fuel and coolant. They aren't hooked up, the option is there though.
I was just wanting some ideas/ suggestions with what you guys used to pull your car on a trailer. I'm kind of partial to older american trucks. I've been looking around and I found this and was pretty certain this would do the job plus it seems like a good deal. It only has 110,000 miles on it. The old body was bad so the guy took a better body off an F-150 and put it on the same year F-250 chassis. Any opinions/ advice is welcome. My car is done and ready, it is too far from being able to pass inspection and I'd rather trailer it anyways in case it breaks at the track.

1980 Ford F-250 4X4

Edit: I did test drive the truck and it did drive very good for as cheap as it is in my opinion. It had good low end torque and started on the first crank to my surprise.
I just used this spyder gs to pull my other spyder gs

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