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What did you do with your refund?

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Blurred Talon

15+ Year Contributor
Jan 2, 2004
Paradise, NL_Canada
Ive been at school, last year, i doubt I'll get anything if not owe :( and I'm in canada and have to file here too. GAAAAAAA Y

NEXT YEAR gt3794 or 6466

You'll likely get raped. I owed like $800 the year I was school.
I was in school for a few months this year so I'm expecting to be screwed a little bit, hopefully they'll use a bit of lube.

My money is going to savings, I want to build a new house.


10+ Year Contributor
Apr 21, 2009
Palm Bay, Florida
Spent a good portion on my car
Mishimoto xline radiator
Samco hoses
Gates water pump and oem bolt kit
Gates timing belt kit
Pte injector seak kit
Fuel pump rewire

Wedge enginering -
Brackets for my evo recaros (finally)

Dsmtuners- thank you AWD Devious
Mishimoto fan shroud

And I got the gf and I new phones. Also a new lawn mower so the landlord can stop bishin. Saved a little for the future. And the rest will be spent on my divorce. With all hopes I will have enough left over for a new spyder top


Supporting VIP
Nov 28, 2009
Newport, New_Hampshire
Between my tax return and my quarterly bonus (which both came in with in days of eachother :D) I paid off my layaway on my S&W M&P15 , 5 30rd pmags, 500 rounds of 5.56 , Also grabbed up a custom Ruger 10/22 and then picked up goodies for my GSX:

FP2 Cams, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt transfer case, all new timing components and a head gasket kit with some ARP head studs along with a FP Intake and FP race manifold.


10+ Year Contributor
Oct 3, 2010
Concord, North_Carolina
Have not gotten mine back yet. Waiting on 1700ish I'm so used to getting like 50 bucks! Moving up in the world :D I don't know what to get. Gun or paint job, a new cyan red pearl job would be nice instead of clear fading away.

Still waiting on parts, just like the gov. quick to take your money. by the way graveyard won't be getting my money any more. Bryce was wrong and I'm sure you are still waiting on your connecting rods. You could have gotten that 1700 I'm sure. if only if only. :tease:

Sorry little bit of venting their. Not sure if I can say that. I would like one of those AR's my buddy built one and on his second. I just might have to give him a call.

Haha sorry cayenne red pearl p88. I'm no good at spelling but I have gotten better for this website.


10+ Year Contributor
Nov 20, 2008
somerset, Kentucky
Tax refund?
What's that? I always raise my deductions so I pay less tax during the year then just pay at the end of the year. I would rather use my money to benefit me all year than let "big brother" borrow it interest free all year. That and I always work OT so they pork me over every year anyways.


10+ Year Contributor
Oct 1, 2010
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I got $1400 back, I took the $400 and just used it for splurging lately like eating out a lot. The other $1000 I'm planning to put into my 93 n/t eclipse this summer. I barely ever drive it anymore but I really want to give it love cause I'm attached to it since it was my first car I got when I was 15. It's been converted to manual/turbo/engine swapped - then back to n/t when I got my first AWD car. Has always been my DD til my dad surprised me with my 08 accord since he didn't want me driving my 240k mile 93 eclipse for university xD

Anyways I'm using about $400-500 to paint the car. Then buying some headlights (mine are nasty), need a new front bumper, want to get a new set of seats, and depending what's left I want to replace most of the bushings and maybe springs.


Supporting VIP
Jun 13, 2002
Hillsborough, North_Carolina
Better than loaning it. A 5-10 dollar withholding adjustment will fix ya.


Feb 18, 2006
South Gilbert, Arizona
Speaking of loaning it. When I did my taxes it felt really good to see that I was only getting $3 back from Federal after I filled out my current W-2 with holding, etc. It was only after the property tax and interest on the home loan was calculated did I get some money to spend...



10+ Year Contributor
Dec 17, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
Lol it’s like my kids know they get me all the deductions because the money I get back goes to all their stuff. Glad to get it taken care of though.

This x2. I had grand plans for the tax return I got this year, but most of it went to fixing the little ones teeth. Dentistry is such a damn racket.


20+ Year Contributor
Nov 10, 2002
Seattle, Washington
didn't realize at first that this was a bumped 9 year old thread, and I was trying to figure out how people were getting such smokin' deals on ammo 🤦‍♂️ I guess I need a time machine 🤣


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
I filed mine.............but haven't paid the $1549 to uncle sam yet. He can wait until the 15th!


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
Uncle Sam will get my 2k on the 17th also. :f-u:


15+ Year Contributor
Nov 7, 2005
Markham, Illinois
2nd year out of the 25+ years Ive filed taxes that I ever owed.. Company that acquired us has a payroll company that apparently ignored that I zero myself out on my taxes and forced me to claim myself :mad:. Only owed $100, but I usually get a couple thousand back to buy more car parts that will sit in the garage for then next 2 years. I might actually have all the parts out of the garage and on the cars by end of summer.....
Last edited:


Supporting VIP
Jul 18, 2019
Valrico, Florida
The TINY bit I'll get back this year will not even make a dent on the CC debt I'm accumulating because I refuse to wait any longer to get this build going.
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