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What can I do with $900? PLEASE HELP!!!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Nov 5, 2002
I have $900 to spend on modding my car. Before anyone tells me to save and buy a turbo kit, I do not want to go turbo. I also do not want nitrous, this car has to be my daily driver and pretty reliable. I already have CAI and cat-back. I was thinking headers, AFX UDP, and cam gears? Possibly 60mm throttle body? What do you guys recomend I do and in what order? Is there any other good N/A mods that I can do to get some good hp. I have done alot of reasearch and the ones I mentioned seem best, but I just want to make sure I'm picking the right things before I go and blow all this hard-earned money. So what do you guys think? What company makes good 4-2-1 headers, so far all i heard that makes them is pacesetter and OBX and I heard they are both cheaply made and kind of shitty, any good companies out there that make the 4-2-1?
what mods do you have allrady. if yu have a 2.0 i can help you out with a couple of upgrades cheap then just go of of that
Greddy makes a nice 4-2-1 header. I have the Pacesetter and its a nice piece. Their exhausts are garbage but the header is nice. I say save yourself some money and get it. But if you want, the Greddy is the best there is. Also, an UDP isn't going to do much power wise for you. You will rev faster and maybe a couple HP, but not worth it, IMO. Also, unless you get the Buschur UDP, it doesn't have a harmonic balancer. You said it needs to be reliable, I would stay away from this mod. I say get a CAI, header/downpipe combo, and a hi-flow cat to mate to the other exhaust components. My .02.
Thanx so far... i said in my original post I have a CAI and a cat-back. I heard that the UDP was like alot of peoples favorite mod that they did? So do you think I should go with headers/bigger throttlebody/cam gears or what? I don't think greddy makes a 4-2-1 header I looked on their web site and the one for the 95-99 eclipse is 4-1.
If you want basic bolt ons:
Greddy 4-2-1 header
maybe lose the cat
pulleys (not too much of a gain)

If you want to be a real man:
Pistons (higher compression)
cam gears
cam shaft
(with this setup, yer lookin at a good 2,000. But the way I think of it...
save more money and do it the right way.)
I have the Greddy 4-1 and love it.......they are hard to find let alone a 4-2-1.....


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Whatever you do, DON'T waste your money on cam gears. They are WORTHLESS to you right now. I also think a pulley is worthless, but hey, its your money. I would def get a header, well worth the investment.
i just said this in another thread...the turbo guys are always complaining about being down.....between insurance costs and the car running 10 months out of the year......I would stick with the N/T....mod it and save up for something faster.....i've had my n/t for a year and a half and im keeping her for another year and than I'm getting an M3....
Ok so I'm definatley gonna get a header once I find a good 4-2-1... what about the 60mm TB.. Is that worth it? I guess i'll forget the pulleys/cam gears atlaest for now
by the way before I get flamed on it I realized i said Headers and a few other ppl did... but we all know what we meant :rolleyes:
Where the hell can I get a good 4-2-1 header.. I've been searching for hours and hours and all I can find is the OBX and Pacesetter... Where can you get this greddy one everyone is talking about... all I see from greddy is the "2 peice 4-1".. it seems like all their headers are 4-2-1 eccept the one for the eclipse!? WTF I want a good 4-2-1 or is there none? I heard these are much better for our cars than the 4-1
4-1 Greddy Header
High-Flow Cat
Cam-Gears (umm I believe 0, +4; dont quote me)

If it's a daily driver I'd stay away from camshafts unless you buy some camshafts that are grinded for turbos specifically, that way your gas mileage wont drop too much.
The TB upgrade is one that everyone seems to love. I haven't done it but it makes sense that it would help a great deal. Your stocker is 52mm I believe so thats a good increase in capacity.
ive got 2 good upgrades for a 2g if you want. i have a 1g n/t intake manifold which is a hell of a lot better than the stock 2g manifold. its a great upgrade.

also i have a stock 1g n/t throttle body thats 60mm stock with nothing done to it. this will also give you a damn good amount of power.

heres what i think you should do. i think this will be the best to get started with

2.5 race pipe
cat back exhaust
throttle body
1g intake mani

those right there will give you a good increase in power. im gonna pm you about the tb and the mani:thumb:
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