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Wanna see what beautiful Xmas i came home to


Proven Member
Feb 5, 2008
Warsaw, Indiana
Its not that you mistreated the dog, it just was not enough attention. If it still chewed up everything even after the jogs and toys, it just was not enough. All dogs will have this behavior, not just labs in general.


Proven Member
Sep 8, 2009
Frederick, Maryland
Dogs have personalities too. You cant blame the owner for the bad behavior. Some things can not be trained out of certain dogs. I own an American Pitbull Terrier and i can not for the life of me train him not to attack other dogs. People hes fine with and is very passive with. I got him when he was 6 months and did everything possible to socialize him with other dogs and get him around dogs as much as possible. But as soon as he got big enough he just started. I even made sure the parents had a good temperament. My point is that some dogs can't always be broken of their bad habits. Although i don't know if i agree with putting the dog in that little bathroom for any long length of time. Maybe try more exercise?

(Anyone have any advice for me and my dog? Hes 4yrs old now. Pm me)


Probationary Member
Jul 18, 2009
Sykesville, Maryland
Man when I first saw the title to the post I thought you were going to show us a video with a living room floor stacked with DSM parts. Thats sucks to come home to at the holidays, looks like there's a dog in need of some exercise and attention!


Proven Member
Feb 5, 2008
Warsaw, Indiana
Lavery for your dog the only way to get him to stop is to make him realize other animals (dogs) are a good thing.

You need to have a willing friend bring a dog over while both of them are on a leash. Put them in the same room, and make him sit. When you have your friend bring in his dog, give your a treat, with positive reinforcement. It will take lots of time and patience. A clicker is also recommended to help with positive reinforcement.


Proven Member
Jan 6, 2010
Lewistown, Pennsylvania
man it looks like we have a lot of dog EXPERTS on tuners.. just like mentioned before.. every dog has their own personality that sticks with them.. labs are known for chewing when there younger.. you guys have no clue what goes on between the owner and the dog so don;t just go accusing him of mistreatment and neglect..

anyways, that sucks man.. hope you find her and
merry christmas anyways;)

Colt4G63 also

Proven Member
Jul 23, 2008
Tonawanda, New_York
I had a black lab puppy do that when I lived at my moms house. It wasn't quite that bad, but my moms new custom drapes were the clincher.

She sent it back to the SPCA where it came from. I was super bummed.

It really wasn't anyones fault either; nobody was home, and there was a female black lab running free outside driving him nuts.


Proven Member
Sep 29, 2002
Altamonte, Florida
Not true by far it's owner neglect to the dog. I have a pure bred english golden retrieved sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Also getting a dog fixed AND GOOD TRAINING is what's needed. I hate when people yell at there dog's like they understand what your saying. Dog's go on emotion's and body langue. My dog was pretty bad as a puppy before he was fixed. He'd take off and follow his nose every where. Now He's 5 year's old we can leave him outside all day and we leave in the village in our town and he stay's right there. In the morning we let him out and he sniff's around his territory does his business than come's back in. The dog's you see that don't listen or never learn have owner's that yell at them,scream at them, blame every thing they do wrong on them and act like it's there fault. THERE ANIMAL'S they are used to running around in nature being able to do what ever they want. Take it and putting them in one room is torture to them. Train her NOT BY YELLING OR HITTING she'll do it still until she's no longer alive. Training is different than just yelling and showing your frustration. Teach them wrong from right, like a child. Trust me my dog's 5 and he is the best most intelligent dog I've ever seen hand's down. Know's everyone by name know's objects by name can tell when your happy and sad and just want's to cuddle all the time. To me thats a good dog.

VERY WELL SAID! :applause:


Proven Member
Dec 27, 2007
West Lawn, Pennsylvania
It's a dog; if you give a dog the exercise it needs it won't do that. No dog does that just by it's own if it got the daily exercise and correct nutrition. Just sayin, don't blame the thing for wanting to get out of the house, it's not a human.

Agreed. Exercise and discipline. I can't stand people who talk to their dogs like they're little babies and that they understand their words. A dog craves structure, it's not like a person that you can sit down and reason with. Too many dogs and cats being put to sleep because people think it's just another toy without responsibility that just shuts off when they leave the house. I would love to get a dog but I won't because I work 10 hours a day and I don't feel like devoting another 1-2 hours just giving it exercise. And to add breeds do have traits, but they are ALL really a dog and they can ALL be made obedient and faithful if they know they just can't walk all over you. It sucks the dog isn't yours. It's basically a hopeless battle if your roommate won't man up and take responsibility of the dog. A dog needs all humans in the house to be their leader, not just one.
Last edited:


Proven Member
Dec 16, 2009
Portland, Maine
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Here he is after I told him to get on the stump and sit. He sat there looking at me like "are you happy yet" .

And here he is after I say "go find dad" Which is my dad haha very smart and to me Beautiful dog. A friend of mine has a golden retriever but his dog's parents are from america so there for he is very dark and to me more of a irish setter look. IMO I have the perfect dog haha.

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My dog

Edit: Notice no collar guess why :D
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