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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

I'll have to measure mine tomorrow and you can tell me how they stack up to OEMs. I didnt think to check before I chucked the last set I had.

Quick comparison pic for ya of my arps and an OEM flywheel bolt. ARP is left and OEM is right.

Machine shop that I had do balancing and double checking of measurements called.

PTW clearances 0.0038-0.004. Good.
Main clearance, requested a line hone. Got 0.002 +/- 0.0001 with a 0.0014 center somehow.
Rods clearance, requested 0.002. Got 0.003.


Rods are basically as-is, no fixing this. Not going to have them press out anything. Running 10w40, perhaps it won't be so bad.
But a line hone that now has to be redone? Jesus.
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Now I'm at a loss as what to do. 0.003 is within the service limit and I'm pretty sure it's going to be gigantic uphill battle trying to get the shop to reimburse me not only for the price I paid for the rods but also foot the bill for new ones at retail since I bought them from RTM during their (unfortunate) sale.. but is 0.003 too much for a weekend/summer fun car.

I just wanted a touch, not a frickin sledge hammer.
Nope, a couple tenths tighter but still min. 0.0028. those rods are done and now I'm in the situation of having to get them to likely replace them because I don't think they're fixable (ie. Grinding down the body and cap then reboring the big end).
Shop #1 wants to get the rods back from shop #2 to verify themselves. Understandable, but I think this whole situation is going to FK me in the end.

And if it goes that way... Well, I'm not taking it lightly.

Let's see, this is my experience with shops in this city over the years:

Shop A: media blasted my head which caused overspray all over cam journals. Also blasted the deck and told me it'll seal fine. Had to pay for a resurface from a different place.

Shop B: cut my valve seats with a bent pilot. Told me they double check their work valve by valve. Resultant valves couldn't hold chocolate cake from seeping past the valve seat. Called them on it, they replaced the pilot and recut but the valve interface was still slim. Nevertheless, they sealed after some lapping.

Shop C: somehow line honed my mains with a tight center only. Also bored out big ends of new rods one thou too large.
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