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U-joints (DSM vs. Evo3 vs. Aftermarket)

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

8-9 has a staked in joint, so it's not serviceible from mitsubishi. So idk what that part you have is, and assumed it was a 1-3.

So "These joints are on many 789 evos here making 700+hp. So where do i not see the rocket science (not appliance btw as its not a cooker or fridge) LOL funny though." is irrelavent as they take the power with an original OEM mitsu U-Joint - not what you have there. And for the record, they don't take the power. My car twists them with ease....
Here we go again..LOL. Easy boys. I need to absorb as much info as possible, not banter. ;)
Im trying not to go that route.some light fun mostly. I just dont see how if the 789 evos are using them at the power levels the DSM's cannot? Im getting no real reason so its logic does not make sense to me? The body is of the same design so if the current cars are using them with enough power a DSM should be fine with them based on similar power and weights of the chassis?

I might need to see if there is a strength test i can do on a press to check at what tonnage these break at
I don't get what you don't understand. The joint you have is not an OEM Mitsubishi Joint for an 8/9 at least. They are not serviceable, there is no Mitsu part number for it.

AFAIK the US evo's have a bigger driveshaft than we do, and most that go fast go right to an aftermarket shaft since the OEM is NON-SERVICEABLE.
I’m like a sponge…not that I’ll remember half of anything until I need to hands on with something, hopefully then it’ll all come back to me! :cool:
You have to remove the pressed metal in the joint then you can use these. Do i have to tell you and explain everything of how to do such things? Lol

Either way im sure something will get figured out. I shall leave it to kurt from here and he will make something for you im sure (maybe).

Good luck on the u joints etc.
Update on those SKF 398 joints. They are hallow like a greasable joint. Not the best option for aftermarket. I wonder if the moogs are hallow as well.
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I guess I'm going to run them anyways. All my joints are out and I was wanting to get my car up and running by the end of the weekend. I'll replace all the grease with Lucas red n tacky and send it.
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