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Tuning Questions/Problem Question

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Dec 31, 2002
I have a 1991 Eclipse AWD, Mods are as follows
Big FP 16G
Walbro 255lph Fuel pump
2G Mas with K/N filter completely hacked box with Dejon Tool Adapter
Dejon tool Compressor Outlet Elbow
Dejon Tool Intake
Stock Sidemount/ Open inner wheel well vents/Fog light removed/Cleand
Pacesetter 3" Downpipe
Buschur 2.5" Catback
High Flow 2.5" Cat
Ported o2 housing
Ported Exh. Manifold
Hallman MBC
Autometer Boost Gauge
ACT 2600

The car runs like hell I think I new to DSM's but fairly knowledeable with mechanics. I installed everything my self.
Is it possible Im running REALLY RICH and thats why the car is not so responsive
When you adjust your timing should it be done at idle with car warm/what should the timing be if so.
What should I have my BOOST at with these mods. EVERY PART INSTALLED IS NEW.
A bone stock mustang V6 kept up with me the other day/ Didn't launch though. HMMMM...... Thats not good I THINK
Also my idle is ALWAYS jumping from 1500 to 1000 all the time, where should I start to get this thing in tip top shape.

I SPENT A S/// Load on this car already and my old NISSAN SENTRA SE-R is faster PLEASE HELP.
The first thing I would do is buy my 2G maf from me cause a hacked one is completely unessesary for a 2G and WILL definetly not help things. Then go and buy a damn afc to control those 550cc's. MAke sure your plugs and wires and everything maintenace wise is in good shape before hand. Then, set timing at idle, warmed up fully and in nuetral with all acc. off, to 5* BTDC. Then after you have all this installed and timing and everything is correct....start making runs and tuning it at low throttle. Follow this link for low throttle as a base

Then simply tune it. If you have trouble post back with some logs and we can help.
I see you are a wisemen that is good someone knowlegeable.
My car is a 1G
I have a 2g MAF with a HACKED AIRCAN the actual MAF is untouched
I have an AFC its not installed yet. Its an old stlye with the knobs Apex'i
Does the 5*btdc still apply now that you know I have a 1G
Should I use stock Plugs and what GAP since i've heard our ignitions suck
Do they tune/ITs only about an hour from my house
The whole tuning thing makes me nervous/already spent enuf
Also If I crank the boost up do I need to Crush the BOV
aaa I see. I though you meant your maf was hacked...

Well you know that any time you isntall larger injectors you NEED to have some way to control the amount of fuel you put out. No wonder your car runs like shit... You need to get that afc in and start tuning it. Buschur is awesome, nough said. I think however that since you bought the logger and all this and you have the know how to install most of this that tuning should come pretty easily. You have to start somewhere, and you will always learn best be trial and error, doing it yourself...

Yes make sure you have no load on the motor, nuetral...etc and set it to 5* as i said earlier, regardless of mods. Get some NGK BPR7ES and gap to .-28 and be done with it. Start with like 15psi (or less if you feel comfortable) and work your way up. No need to crush the BOV until you start going over like 20psi (then check to see first)....
Its good to know buschur is soo slose, but I think you bought the logger and everything else for a reason right? Do it and post some logs up if you need help. Good luck!
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