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1G Throttle position sensor (question)

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Jan 8, 2012
Trois-rivieres, QC_Canada
Hi , any position to place the TPS (throttle position sensor) ?
anyway to know if its in problem ?
the way you can figure out if it works is disconnect it and see what it does if it makes a deference in idle is not working if it wants to die or idle high. then start in the middle and move u or down depending how it sounds right or how it drives. you can do that or just buy a meter tool i don't know what its called and check the volts. let some one else chime in here. ANYONE
Stole this from a thread posted earlier. I'm sure he won't mind. Amazing how much a search can do for you. ;)

RREs# Eclipse 2G Turbo 1G Throttle Body Swap
Closed TP Switch and TP Sensor Adjustment [2G]
1. Disconnect the connector of the TPS.
2. Connect ohm meter between terminals 3 and 4.
3. Insert a feeler gauge with thickness 0.45mm (.0177 in.) between the throttle stop and the throttle lever.
[Fold a piece of paper in half 4 times if you don't have the feeler -Ed.]
4. Loosen the TPS mounting bolts. Turn the TPS all the way counter
5. Check for continuity in this condition.
6. Slowly turn the TPS clockwise until the point where continuity and
non-continuity is found (pins 3 and 4).
7. Tighten the TPS mounting bolts.
8. Check the voltage between pins 2 and 4 of the TPS with the ignition
switch on, but the engine not started.
9. Standard value: 400 - 1000 mV
10. Remove the feeler gauge
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Edit scratch that just realized you were a 1g I'll hunt up a link for you.
generally speaking a tps is a 5volt reference signal. should have 3 wires going to it one ground one battery voltage and the signal wire which should have around 0.5 volts when the throttle is closed and around 4.5 volts when open full throttle. the tool you are going to need is a multi-meter. good luck and remember this is just in general
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