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Thoughts on 19psi on stock everything..

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Jun 10, 2003
I currently run 19 psi creep and drops down 16 or so under most the power band. then at 6350rpm I get dropped back to 14psi which is where I shift gears.

I only get fuel cut on cold nights usely in the middle of second or 3rd gear. Only once or twice, I can learn to feather the throttle durring that point to get by with no fuel cut and about 90% or more throttle.

I have only smashed my BOV, added a K/N filter, added bigger vacuum lines and a fishy valve with the boost silinoid wired to 12v to keep it open all the time.
I have a volt meter hooked into my O2 sensor and I see no less than 0.932 volts under max acceleration all the way up to my shift point. So I assume this is running rich enough with 92 octane and Outlaw octane boost to not do damage to the internals of the motor. I dont have an EGT gauge and dont plan on buying one for a while.
One night playing with a celical GTS I was under max acceration though 5th gear a few times doing sustained runs of 130mph +. When I pulled over and popped the hood to show the celica what he was up against I noticed the exhaust manifold was red hot, it was not bright red just a dull red that I almost missed it. Which I am assuming was 1800-2000 degress F, any redder I would say it was above 2000F. So this I guess I am using as my poor mans EGT.
Can anyone confirm if a dull red manifold is too hot for sustained high speed runs?

I do run stock intercooler, but I opened up the front port area and rear wheel well area to allow as much air flow through the intercooler as possable.

MY best timeslip was 14.534 @ 95.00mph with 2.5 60 foot, which was estimated to 235HP but is prolly close to 240-250hp without the lauch problems. So from what I hear the stock injectors can support 250hp.

I'm assuming you have a boost gauge, but i think your boost is set way to damn high. turn it down, work on those 60' times, you'll see better results then with the 19psi, which is way to damn high.
You know, our engines are strong, but they will only take so much abuse. What you are describing, in my opinion, is abuse. You don't even have an exhaust. That thing is dying trying to get rid of all that hot exhaust. And then you are pushing it to 19 PSI to boot.

Others can argue if they want, but if you continue with your current setup, you are running on borrowed time. Glowing manifold is normal.
Stay at 15psi or below on the stock turbo; above that it's just making hot air. Lower boost will let you get more timing and thereby make more power.

Without logging for knock and timing, you're flying blind, and probably hurting yourself badly.
Originally posted by Initial DSM
I dont get the rewire FP thing. What does that mean? fuel pump
My knock count on the AFC II was around 90 - 110 I think.
I got a Palm and software, just looking for the cable...

A rewired FP gives the pump more voltage and thus will pump at a greater speed. I'm not sure the exact specs, but check RRE site HERE and you'll have exact numbers.
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