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Thomas Lewis @ MODIFIED IMPORT REPAIRS in Clarksville, TN!!!

Posted by redliner_x, Nov 9, 2010

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  1. redliner_x

    redliner_x Proven Member

    Joined Feb 22, 2010
    Waverly, Tennessee
    I can't believe this thread is still alive but I am glad it is. I have found some DSM buddies in Nashville and either one of us knows the answer or we can find out. Thomas only gets to sh** when you are someone who can ruin his reputation. He will make promises all day but not deliver. As far as him knowing what he is doing, sure if you think that putting 7 bolt rods in a 6 bolt block is smart then he is a regular Tony Stark.

    Go to him if you want your sh** to break and then get no explanation except, "I have built about 12 engines that way and they all did fine."

    1gdsmftw (Ben) is a friend of mine in Nashville and he is a genius with our cars. The guy is a total DSM nerd! but that is good for the rest of us. LOL
  2. Thoughtwrong

    Thoughtwrong Probationary Member

    Joined Sep 30, 2015
    Clarksville, Tennessee
    I agree, Never go here! This place is a complete ripoff. I took my 2009 Subaru in because the engine had blown up. They talked me into getting a rebuild as my best option. Rebuild cost $4200 which I was more than willing to pay. They gave me the car back and it sounded like a lawn mower. It had a knock to it which he said was normal on this model...cool. I paid them and went on my way.

    Within two weeks the check engine light came on throwing a misfire in cylinder 3 and 4. I took it back to them and they said my plug wires and possibly ignition coil needed to be replaced. I replaced the plug wires, and that did not alleviate the problem. I then replaced the ignition coil too as directed. The light kicked on again after a day of being reset and showed the same codes as before. I took it back to them to check on it, and he then told me that the spark plugs had a compression leak and he had replaced all 4 plugs. I drove it away and the engine light kicked on no more than 5 minutes down the road. I took it right back and let them know and he said the ignition coil probably needed to be replaced. I had already done that once per his directions and he fed me some line about faulty parts from the manufacturer I purchased the coil from since I didn't purchase it from one of their vendors. Now I may not know a lot about engines, but it seems to me if they test drove this vehicle that they would have noticed that the car hadn't been fixed.

    I took it back after replacing the plug wires and coil a second time because the engine codes were still flashing after reset. He then called me within two hours and stated that it was fixed and I could come pick it up. I was frustrated by this point as my warranty was almost over so I asked him what he did. He stated that he cleaned the throttle body which I had done the week before. I then threatened litigation and they all of the sudden were ready to take the entire engine apart again and actually check it. Go figure. He had been pushing me off for months making me replace things multiple times, miss work, and claimed that it wasn't the engine only to find out it was.

    They said that they would have to keep the car for a week and a half since they had to wait for the parts which turned out to be two+ weeks. I finally got it back and it was running smooth for about the first day, and then it started shaking. By the second day I was going up a hill and I heard a loud metal pop followed by my engine light coming on with the 2 cylinders misfiring again. I went back to them and they had finally run me out of my warranty period and said that it absolutely wasn't the engine and that they would not look at it under warranty again.

    I would not recommend anyone take their car to this hack shop. Thomas and his staff have the absolute worst customer service skills, and on top of that, they cant fix a car as far as they could throw one. Luckily, about half way through this ordeal, I had the sense enough to start recording my phone calls and all interactions with them. At one point it can be heard him telling me that the only thing that could cause a misfire is the plugs, wires, or coil and nothing else. This is just blatant disrespect for me and my warranty and I have video taped them multiple times telling me that there was no way it could be the engine. Turns out, it is. That being said, I cannot wait to have my day in court and watch this man shell out more money in lawyer fees and court costs not to mention the secondary repairs that I have had to make because of his screw-ups. I really hope no one makes the same mistake I did and go to this shop. Their BBB rating is an F, too bad I found out too late.

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