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This was stupid looking

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

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20+ Year Contributor
Dec 17, 2002
Jackson, Michigan
While driving home today, I saw this mid 80's Monte Carlo with, probably, the biggest rims that are out. I swear these rims must have been 24 or 26". This car looked so damn dumb. It sat about as high as an SUV would. I would like to know how the hell they managed to get these rims on that car, and then slap the hell out of them for doing it. I wish I had my camera because this is just one of those things that you cannot believe unless you see it for yourself.
I know exactly what you're talking about. There's a car club here in town where you have to have at least 22's to be in it. There's one Oldsmobile, about an 82, not a Cutlass, but not sure which model, and it's on 27's. It's looks ridiculous!
We could just turn this into a "you know you're a baller when....." thread.

You know you're a baller when one of your rims cost more than the car.
At the local races in st. louis you have alot of culture and you always see the old boats cruisen around with 20's that cost double the value of their car. Also they always have porn playing on their many dvd screens! One time I sam a early 80's oldsmobile with T-TOPS cut into it! Nothing further to say on that note ROFL ROFL ROFL
Different Oldsmobiles, Buick, and Chevies had factory T-Tops through the 80s. Not too common but it was a factory option.
this thread is worthless without pictures
theyre called scrappers.

take the crappiest oldsmobile you can find, and slap the most expensive rims you can get on it.

theres actually clubs devoted to this look. rather sad really. they have to take a whole years worth of welfare checks just so their pos cutlass can have some 22's.

search craigslist for "scrapper"
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