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This damned hole

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Jun 13, 2002
Hillsborough, North_Carolina
What size fitting/screw will fit in the tiny hole (not the WG mounting holes) on my 20g? Air is just gushing out at idle....I don't even want to think about the rush under boost.


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Lol...I'm scared to ghettofy it ;)
I would love to know what it is. Maybe a size bigger self tapping screw would do it? I don't know if you would want any metal shavings going into the turbo tho.

sorry I wasn't of more help.
yeah, I kinda don't want to drill/tap if possible...thanks, though!
that hole is where the air comes out of the turbo. From there it goes through an intercooler and then it's supposed to go into your engine. I don't know why you'd want to plug it up:confused:

j/k, I'd have someone just touch it with a welder, then sand it smooth.
Lol..not a bad idea.

At first I was like " this guy serious??"......had me goin:p
well, its kinda already on the car...polishing would be a project at this point. :p
Originally posted by Defiant
Could you get a Bubb Rubb whistle installed on there? WOOOOOO WOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

There you go. :D
Originally posted by Intrusive97gsx
You could always drill and tap it for 1/8" NPT then screw in a 1/4" vacuum fitting. Then you can use it for your boost controller.

Well, I ve decided against the Bubb Rubb whistle. John, how would that work in the world of vaccuum lines to the external gate? Having trouble visualizing. Untap the T fitting its using now and run the line from the housing?
Usually a nipple is pressed in there as a boost source. If you don't need a boost source, then I'd tap it. If you want to be safe, hook up a boost leak tester to the inlet, set the compressor at like 10psi and hook it up so there is air blowing the shavings OUT of the turbo while your tapping it. Then just stick a bolt with some rtv to be safe. You could get a bras nipple from a turbo shop and tap that in and just ust a vacuum cap so you have the choice to use it for a boost source later.
Great suggestions y'all!
Who'd you get the 20g from? Shouldn't they have included some sort of plug/nipple/elbow with the kit?
LOL....I have my review thread on the 20g in here, and in the intrest of not bashing, I will not tell you I got it from a company that has been frequently bashed. I will also not tell you, that I was one of maybe 2 people that defended them, and ended up being ignored like the rest of the angry patrons. I will go so far as to say, they won't see any more of my money unless I am compensated for the sub-par prep work on the turbo.
Jon: Perhaps you would like to post some observations concerning "company x's" product......
First and foremost, I really REALLY REALLY hope that no one actually pays money for their port work. I honestly believe a yearling Rhesus Monkey could port the turbo better, using only a small selection of very coarse pebbles. I don't use that analogy in an attempt to be humorous, rather the quality of porting really is THAT bad.

Secondly, the wastegate flange was welded onto the manifold poorly. An uneven weld, and quite a bit of splatter. Again, not of the quality a consumer should expect from anything more than some teenage parts-slingers. NOT work worth paying for, period.

The turbo itself.... why the compressor housing was rotated with the outlet pointing straight up is beyond me. Literally, the compressor outlet was pointed directly into the exhaust manifold.

There were no plugs or nipples included with the kit. Since the vendor knew this customer would be using an external wastegate (rememeber, he bought everything from them), the vendor should have had the state of mind to either weld the internal WG holes shut, or at the very least plugged. The same goes for the boost reference hole on the side of the compressor housing.

Definitely an eye opener for Kris and myself. Wether this is an isolated instance or not, I will have a hard time vouching their products to any of my customers in the future.
It seems to me, willing to be corrected, that descriptions of products (bad welds, poor porting, and etc.) are not bashing. Bashing, to me, seems more like "so and so is an as.h.le". Product and service quality, while still subjective, seems like pretty valuable info.
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