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The RAVEN: An 8s street car journey continues!


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Jan 10, 2006
Sacramento, California
Holy cow! It has been ages since I have done an update but as many know, I've moved into a bigger place with a garage and large driveway, got married, bought some other toys (one of which I will be making a separate blog) and just been livin' life.

Alas the Raven must fly.

This was the last known picture after my engine harness relocation (tuck nearly complete)


A little while back I got the last of the little parts I needed to finish things up (some I already had):


Pictured above: Twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps, -10an proclassic fuel lines, modified AEM fuel rail *polished* with -10an in and -8 out welded on with the 3/16 npt on top for nitrous fuel feed, 1600cc injectors, L19 head studs.

There are still a few pieces needed for the fuel setup to be complete since I changed my original plans-

I have a sumped OEM tank:


Since I have dual ports, the original idea was to run 2 -8an lines into 2 separate filters and then into the 2 pumps which would then be Y'd into a -10 to the fuel real filter and then the rail. Well after running some numbers and talking with some people, this was seen as tremendous overkill. So now, there will be a single -10an line into a filter directly connected to a Y block which will be hard mounted (with -8an fittings) into the 2 pumps which will then be Y'd back into a -10 for the rail. :aha: This saves the need for an addition filter and allows me to easier run the pumps so that if 1 shuts off, both shut off to keep from killing the engine.


Even with AEMs at an all time low I have settled on running Jackal in attempts to get the word out better on the system and truly test its capabilities. If it can run a 1000awhp car into the 8s with an auto and nitrous, then it is capable of anything.


So that brings us to now.

I finished buttoning up my block and its ready to go once again this season:

Check out how purdy that Buschur crank is:


The absolute lightest rotating assembly possible other than running Mahle pistons.


I gotta go write the blog for my other project but I'll be sure to keep this one updated regularly as I get it closer to D-Day. :rocks:


5+ Year Contributor
Jun 8, 2005
Cinnaminson, New_Jersey
I"m lost you said lightest possible rotating assembly but only show the crank what pistons?Rods? I guess it would be the lightest with just a crank LOL.


Supporting VIP
Jan 10, 2006
Sacramento, California
Its a Modified Ross Groden setup. However my showing of the crank is because that in itself is the largest factor in your rotating mass of your engine assembly. The amount of weight saved with those would pretty much negate the slight difference between top tier rod and piston groupings. I only mentioned the Mahles because they're the lightest and the pistons I had on my other block.

Sorry for any confusion.


Supporting VIP
Jan 10, 2006
Sacramento, California
9!'clipseDOHC;bt9272 said:
Looks freaking awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!

LOL That makes 2 of us...ROFL:hellyeah:
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