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The RAVEN: An 8s street car journey continues! (PT.3) *New interior post*


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Jan 10, 2006
Sacramento, California
So the Galant is ready to start and had been taking most of the time out of the Talon build (as always) but I got around to doing something I had been meaning to do since I got the car.

The car came with a horrid stock 1g steering wheel (I hate em, been racing too long around tracks and far too use to proper wheels and hand placement as well as comfort)


I had custom made a hub adapter for the wheel at a buddies shop:


The idea was to do a quick disconnect setup to help with the ease of getting in and out of the car. Most are familiar with the standard "multi ball" 'pull' type QD hubs. I've personally had them and after a while they start vibrating a lot and they get a little sloppy as the steel balls begin wearing away at the aluminum hub. It also tends to stick out too far and makes your steering wheel heavy with the large hub attached to it. I will admit, the price is great on them!


So with help of said friend again I managed to source some goooooold! :D



Oh yes, the twist lock slim hub. :hellyeah:

This thing is badass and damn near weightless:


A long while back I lucked out and got my hands on a legit Momo wheel. Its my favorite item and has been with me since day one of my first DSM. Its a nice wheel that you still see a lot of replicas of today but regardless it has a wonderful feel:


Not to mention it isn't half sized like a lot of these other aftermarket setups:


Well to get this all to fit we had a problem, the stationary hub and the QD hub don't fit. :sosad: No biggies, just meant I needed to modify the stationary adapter hub by smoothing the inner steps:


And then turn down the diameter of the QD hub:






And then attach the acceptor hub to the wheel:


Ready to go, no freaking "bearing" locks:


Twist to open and close:


On a side note, that took WAAAAY more work than I thought it would. I would have assumed it was a matter of finding an adapter hub, slapping on one nut, then slapping the slim hub on and the wheel and 30min later, good to go. Yeeeeah right. :rolleyes: Fkin thing took a lot more fabrication that I'd figure, but I am pleased with the results. :cool:
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