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The Parts Counter Guy


Supporting VIP
Aug 24, 2018
Sarnia, ON_Canada
Have you ever noticed that sometimes the guy behind the parts counter thinks he is a mechanic . The parts guy at Canadian Tire has my friend believing he is a mechanic . No I said " he`s just a parts counter guy and dont know diddly . So I go to the store and ask for a radiator cap for 1979 Volkswagen Beetle ..After ten minuets of him looking for it on his computer I tell him to just forget it. I then ask for a purple Modulator valve for a 1995 Camaro 700R4 Transmission. ( Sometimes I can be a real asshole ) but just proving a point to my buddy . So the guy goes back to his computer and we set about shopping in the store and then come back to the counter . The manager comes up and asks the parts guy what he is looking for on the computer and he tells him . They both begin to look on the computer and then go to the parts shelf and the guy comes back and says "We only carry the cooper /brass color ones which he has in his hand I walk away with my friend and then said " You see Pat , first off a 79 Volkswagen is an air cooled motor and does not have a radiator , A 700R4 transmission is metric and does not have a mod valve . The color I mentioned is the strength of the module and come in different colors . By this time my friend is cracking up .. Hope my post gave you a good laugh today


DSM Wiseman
Jan 13, 2006
Clarksburg, West_Virginia
They'll hire almost anyone. I worked a parts counter at Autozone for a while after I was laid off unexpectedly. I went from part-time delivery driver to store manager in training in about 5-6 weeks. There are a few who have mechanic experience but not many in the more metropolitan areas. My first boss there had a Ford Ranger that he had done a 302 swap on. But there was also a middle aged lady there who used to be a librarian, and had zero automotive knowledge at all. I was happy when I got called back to the mine.

Vegas Smith

20+ Year Contributor
Dec 2, 2002
Houston, Texas
I pretty much sigh right before walking up to any auto store counter or dealer. God forbid you ask one of the guys to come check the voltage on the battery on the talon in the parking lot. The dude was trying to tell me what I should change on the talon when he didn't even know what the car was. I just built a 550hp, 35psi car on e85 with my own hands, and parts store guy is telling me my FP intake pipe and filter are bad for the car....


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 5, 2005
Cumberland, Virginia
Yeah I have had so many bad experiences with these parts stores. I try to order everything online and pick it up just so I dont have to talk to them or explain to them why Im putting a different spark plug in my car than what their computer says LOL.


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
I go in with the attitude (like @Widgmaster ) and tell them what I want AND WHAT I AM WILLING TO GIVE THEM FOR IT. They know me all to well and KNOW I will walk out and spend my money where it goes the furthest, so, I get my way most of the time. I drove 40 miles for a 850 CCA battery for $69.99 (we all know batteries are getting expensive for some reason). I stood in front of the battery rack, with the sale sign there, and called my local parts store. I asked for the manager, which I know of course. I told him I was at Atwoods and was going to buy a 850 CCA battery for $70 buks and asked if he would match their price....after some digging into what the markup was, he came back and said "Yeh, I'll sell you one for that" so I took my mom out to eat and came home and went to Oriellys and picked up my battery. I don't fk around with those guys anymore and they know it. I'm sure they roll their eyes and say "Here comes Marty :f-u: "
Well that's MY story.
Loved the thermostat for the VW story, LOL.


Supporting VIP
Aug 24, 2018
Sarnia, ON_Canada
Same with the guy at my local Chrysler dealer parts counter . I went in and asked for valve cover gaskets ( only because I was there on other business ) for my 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse V6 . " Oh Sir you would need to go to a Mitsubishi dealer for that" . I said okay . then give a set of gaskets for a 2001 Chrysler Sebring.. He did not know that the Chrysler Sebring came with a Mitsubishi motor . I`m sure there are many guys ( and Gals ) on here that do our own wrenching but cant say we are mechanics because we dont carry the ticket of tradesman in this field but I`m sure you can wrench with the best of them . I have read some of the profiles on here and I`m totally blowen away with some of the specs I read . You can put Devine Schults motor in my ride and I`d be the happiest camper . Just cause I have the wrenches dont make me a mechanic just like standing in the garage dont make me a car. That's my pev and I said it - now I`m gonna shut up.


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 9, 2010
wampum, Pennsylvania
I can fully understand a Chrysler dealer not knowing that your Mitsubishi shares an engine with a Chrysler, that's normal, not all counter men are car enthusiasts, keep that in mind, just because we are obsessed with a certain car wont mean that others will be, even a vacuum modulator for an automatic transmission is an ok mistake for me, transmissions haven't used those in so long that its normal to never have seen one even, the other stuff though like the VW parts, yeah they should know better, next time ask for a water pump gasket and thermostat for a Chevy Corvair.


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 5, 2008
Punta Gorda, Florida
Whether he wants it said or not im going to say it. MrPeepers worked at advance auto for a long time before he and his wife started morrison fab! And while he was there its the only parts store id go to! Not only because he was a buddy and id just want to hangout for a second but he knew what he was talking about.
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