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The Evo returns!

Dreams Realized

Proven Member
Jul 23, 2018
Seattle, Washington
Can Mitsubishi not come up with other names? Call it a mirage or something, there is something sadistic about taking car enthusiasts favorite car names and mangling them into slow-boring SUV's

Thank god my "Eagle Talon" will never be touched :talon:


10+ Year Contributor
Jun 26, 2011
Modesto, California
You know what they might as well have put the new eclipse crossover in that short scene in fast and furious 6 where Paul walker pulls up to school with his kid:
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15+ Year Contributor
Apr 22, 2005
Orlando, Florida
No it didn't return that's not a lancer, Evolution isn't specific to the lancer platform there are Pajero Evolutions with rare DOHC MIVEC 6G72's.


10+ Year Contributor
Sep 22, 2011
chillicothe, Ohio
:ohdamn: but not surprised after seeing what they did with the Eclipse name. I remember when Dodge brought the Charger back as a 4-door musclecar, that just wasn't right. This is just awkward WTF
im more upset with what dodge did to the dart name. 4 door charger i can deal with but turning the dart into a 4cyl econobox is just horrible


Founder & Zookeeper
Nov 12, 2001
Newcastle, California

Rumored to come back as a sedan. Not sure how i feel about it being based on a Renault, even if it is a damn good car.
A joint venture using shared technology with another manufacturer would be way better than using the Evo and Eclipse name on new crossover platforms. Take a page from Toyota and Subaru or Toyota and BMW. Find a way to make an enthusiast car that makes business sense. If doing a co-op works, do it.


15+ Year Contributor
May 8, 2004
Palos Heights, Illinois
The Renault partnership isn't necessarily a bad one. These guys produce the Megan RS and RS Trophy-R, no slouch for a hot hatch, holding the Nurburgring record for FWD at the moment. Last time I checked they are running Formula 1.......what has Mitsubishi done in the last 10 years in terms of racing pedigree? My Juke MR16DDT motor is essentially a Renault engine design, despite it being a Nissan. A lot of cool tech such as DLC coated cam buckets, beehive springs, offset cylinder bore, main bearing girdle, Moly coated piston skirts, micro-polished camshaft and crankshaft journals, high flow cylinder head design, dual VVT, direct injection, etc. It pulls great to redline with some basic mods and is very resistant to engine knock. A couple downsides are the open deck block and non-fully counter-weighted crankshaft. That's a lot of tech for essentially a bargain basement economy car. I haven't seen a Megan RS motor torn down but I'd imagine for 275 h.p. they are running a beefier engine design. If they partnered with Mitsubishi on an EVO, I'm sure it would at least be an improvement over the 4B11T, and of course Mitsubishi would fit some advanced turbo on it anyway. Since I run both the MR16DDT motor and the 4B11T on my EVO X, I can say that I'm impressed with both for the mods that each has, but I wouldn't worry too much about a Renault turbo motor in the slightest if they partnered with Mitsubishi.

What Mitsubishi really needs to address is the weight problem, the EVO X was massively overweight and the wheel base is too long. This produces a vehicle that is much too stable and requires A LOT of horsepower to feel fast. This is in contrast to the EVO 9 for instance which was a slot car by comparison, the feel is much different. Also, since everyone now is running some type of torque vectoring and skidpad numbers at nearl the 1g mark, they need to step up their game in the handling department. Regarding the hatch design, not sure about that one but it would be nice for me. I'm getting older and need a fast hatch with a DSG. should be interesting.
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