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Road Race Build The 2GNT That Could

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Looking NICE and disk over drum any day!
Hondas in NW FL are idiotically priced. A POS dented knocking same gear civic would be $6k.

If I score a passable 2Gnt for like $1500 that needed some engine work I’d jump all over it.
My son picked up this old Honda for $500. It hadn't ran in 12 years. We started it and it smoked so bad, I couldn't see the car. He freshened up the car with a tune-up, hoses, brakes, tires and now the car doesn't puff any smoke and you can't even hear it running. I think it will be a good DD for him and good mileage he hopes.



I didn't realize it actually makes a post when I update a vehicle profile. That's probably a not so new function that I'm just discovering. Anyway, feel free to ponder at my mods list. I feel like that's how every member should organize their profile.

I enjoy the good ole Hondas. I've had far more Hondas than DSM's. They never had impressive performance until the DOHC VTEC heads came along. But always very solid engines that weren't designed to die easy. I'm tempted to swap my SOHC CB7 Accord to a DOHC head, but I really don't think the high mileage auto trans would take kindly to that. The odometer stopped counting at 227k miles a few years ago, so who knows what it has now. Even with that mileage, it doesn't knock or smoke and is still very fuel efficient. All I've had to do on the engine side is replace a leaky distributor o-ring and flush the fluids. It probably has another 200k left in it, if treated properly.
Trevor mentioned that you got a BETTER model and year of Honda when he saw your Prelude. :thumb:
Installed some new rear brake hoses. No way I was sending it with those junkyard hoses. I made quick work of bleeding the brakes with a vacuum bleeder, checked to make sure everything I installed was tight, and immediately put the car out on the road. I couldn't wait anymore. The last time I drove it the weather was snowy, so it was definitely time to go blow the dust off. That 15 minute experience was definitely the highlight of my day. I'd say the poly bushings definitely made a difference, and so did the disc brake conversion. Steering response is instant, and I don't have to lock up the fronts to get a decent stopping distance. Things will get even better once I bolt up the rear sway bar and go for larger front brakes. I'm happy with the improvements for now though. Often times I forget how peppy the damn thing really is. It pulls hard for what it is. I let it rip past redline a couple of times, just to make sure I properly wake it up after a season of rest. I swear the damn thing would self destruct before it stops making power. I always shift when I'm scared, not when power drops off. I honestly don't know when that would occur, if at all. Anyway- until next time.

PS: I didn't install braided SS rear lines because you can't buy them separately, and I already have the fronts installed which were bought separately. At some point I'll get a kit and either use the spare fronts on my other 2g project or just give them away to another member.

6 years ago, I started the body work on this car. It only took a couple of days to finish and spray paint, then I had considered it finished. Here we are today, and I'm still doing body work. It could almost seem like progress has been minimal, but you have to understand the mutliple stages of this body work, and my changes of plans over the years. First time around, the goals were just a clean OEM look for daily driving. Second time around, some revisions were made and much more meticulous repairs performed. This time around is not OEM at all, and simply aimed at maximum aerodynamics and weight reductions. It went from one side of the spectrum to the polar opposite. Maybe one day I'll make final decisions and have it all finished up, or maybe it's one of those never ending projects that everyone else would have given up on already. I'm more excited than anyone else to see this car sprayed emerald pearl with smooth & tucked bodywork, but the day furthers constantly and my interest has swayed towards other projects in recent years. The largest project being my mental and physical health, which become more important every year.

I still have a long list of parts to purchase, and one hell of a "to-do" list written out for the car. I just check things off one at a time, with no real pace - I'm not trying to meet a deadline after all. Sometimes I add things to the list quicker than I can mark them off. ONE DAY the car will be finished, but not in a near future it seems.

One of my biggest problems is that I NEVER take my vehicles to someone else for work. I never have and never will, unless I become cripple. My point is, I could have already had the car finished with bodywork and paint if I had dropped it off with a shop months ago. But I can't bring myself to do that. And where's the joy if I didn't build it.

Oh and one more note that I want to make. Yes, the front bumper has probably been off the car for 2 years now. It isn't because I failed to finish it. It's because the city added a speed bump that must be crossed a quarter mile from my shop, and heading in either direction damages the bumper. I put a lot of work into making that one of a kind bumper and will not let the city ruin it. I've got 3 options to solve this. 1: let my intrusive thoughts take over and rip the damn thing off the road (illegal). 2: raise suspension height one full inch. 3: leave the bumper off the car.
So far I've gone with option 3.

Until next time,

If it were to be anonymously ripped completely off, the city usually prioritizes replacing it.

If it were to be anonymously and totally not by you, have a center section from each lane ripped out just wide enough to fit, just as a total exercise in argument's sake alone, a 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse, through without touching the bump...the city drags their feet. The speed bump is still technically there.

Just hope no miscreant does that. Because boooooy aren't speed bumps just sooooooo valuable to the GOD DAMNED community.
If it's the kind of plastic speed bump that they bolt down in sections I'd definitely become an avid collector of said sections of speed bump. If it's asphalt... that sucks. If a car has to pass a yearly inspection to be considered "roadworthy" the road should be worthy of the car too!
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