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Road Race Build The 2GNT That Could

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

🤔 Any idea as to what was causing it to go off?
I deleted the EGR system and it was throwing a code for that. I also deleted the EVAP system and it was throwing 2 codes for that. I also deleted the cat and rear 02 sensor so there's 2 more codes... the light would have never turned off so I made it turn off LOL
Black Tape works too...…..;)
Time for the seasonal valve cover gasket & oil change. This time I was very meticulous and used an OEM gasket. So hopefully it will seal up and I won't be changing it next season.

Have you tried a Mahle seal? That's what I plan to use... So I'm really hoping you say no... 😆 seriously though, that sucks and I hope the OEM seal fixes it. 🤔
Even though the car has been sitting for over a week, I just wanted to post a few pics I snapped tonight. I've been tinkering here and there but nothing big enough for updates. So you can eyeball these pics and find what I've done... It feels good to be a part of a community that appreciates the work you do.

EDIT: I don't know what the hell those pictures are or where they came from LOL

View attachment 631624
View attachment 631623
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This build has come a very long way over the past 3.5 years... but it is nowhere near being finished. I recently got a job making TWICE what I was making at my old job. So that means a bigger budget for car parts. And the WRX I recently bought is becoming my daily driver, so it won't hurt to have the DSM on jack stands for a little while. I also have access to a lift at work, so if any undercarriage work is needed it can be done easily.

What I've been doing so far and will continue doing is stripping the car down in ways that won't effect the streetability unless improving it, and won't effect the looks unless you look closely. For example, it's finally time to remove the spare tire and do a full wire tuck.

Keep following along for huge updates, and hopefully at some point some real numbers! I can talk about this car endlessly, but numbers do the real talking.

And one thing I'd love to do is put a professional paint job on it. It's just hard for me to leave it in somebody's shop for multiple weeks...
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Do you snap bolts or something? That why its an upgrade.
Interesting. I thought all front bolts were 10mm as i took mine off and im sure its 10mm also? 420a chassis i have for mocking up.

I would of just sleeved the mount had a hole like for like and used a 12.9 grade bolt for strength, this way its less drilling and more equal but instead of opening the outer mount so big your closing the bush hole up.
It looks like you could sleeve it like THIS, but I don't know if it is the same as the mount that I adapted.
Progress is good tho, I love seeing it!
New steering wheel installed. I still need to get the horn button correctly wired up and then I'll clean everything up and get it properly torqued down.
I was feeling a little iffy about using this brand, so I got the 320S aluminum, which is one of their more expensive ones. It feels pretty sturdy.

I love the red stripe at the top of the wheel .. Never know when you might get air born eh . Just a suggestion .. why don`t you take that bolt to a machine shop and have a sleeve made with the correct I/D and O/D ..OR maybe you could make another sleeve to fit inside that one to take up the gap .. . Fortunate for me .. a have a buddy right around the corner that has a machine shop right in his back yard.
Freds machein shop.jpg

Fred at his Lathe ...Guy at the sanding wheel ..Billy is a welder....
Just wanted to update with the pictures from when I swapped over to a test pipe. I installed my aftermarket rev limiter before I installed the test pipe, and as you can see it damaged the exhaust gaskets and possibly the catalytic convertor. Good thing I bought a name brand test pipe that came with gaskets and hardware.

And just an interesting detail to add. The stock cat weighed in at 13lbs. Test pipe weighed in at 5lbs. Savings of 8lbs.

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