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Taking off the door panel (window roll up holding it on)

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jan 11, 2003
Tri- Cities (c³), Washington
How do I get the roll handle to roll up my windows off my door handle? I am tempted to just pull it but I dont wanna brake anything. I am looking to re-paint my vents and handles and such.

Please be detailed, THANKS!
If your talking about removing the window roll up handle you can't just take it off..its this special tool you slide behind it and unclips it you can get them at like autozone or checkers...
its simple.. you don't really need a special tool, you can just use a flat screw driver, the clip looks like.. this

<img src="">

the white part is teh clip, the red part is what the window handle rotates on... basically.. how can i explain this.. the where the clip crosses the red part, it locks it there.. so get a flast screw driver and just kinda push it off.. and the handle will pop off, then when you put it back together, do the opposite, push the clip back on.. simple? if you don't get it, msg me and i'll take real pics and you can get teh idea..
yea just pull the rubber boot away and ram a flat head in there, can be a b1tch, and watch because you may let the screw driver slip once or twice, when i put my handles back on, i didnt put the clip on because it would have been too much effort wedging it in, and a lil tip, you can also move the location of the handle, say when your window is all the way down and the knob hits your knee, you can move it so it doesnt, thats what i did
Slide a rag between the handle and the door panel and saw it back-and-forth. It'll walk the clip right out.
To replace, put the clip in the handle, align on the door where you want it to point, and press it back on.

Screwdrivers. Bah, cavemen.
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